Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

One of Android’s special features allows users to control the volume of their devices connected via Bluetooth and the volume of their devices when the user is using Android. We call this feature Absolute Bluetooth Volume.

Since Android 2015, users can change the volume of their devices when they are using Android—disabling this feature is extremely easy how to disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume, how you can control it, etc. You’ll find the answer to all of these questions in this article.

How Do You Get the Best Volume on Your Device?

Upon disabling the absolute volume feature, you increase the volume of both devices, the primary device and the other connected to the primary device via Bluetooth, such as your Bluetooth headset. Your Bluetooth-connected device enables you to increase or decrease its volume. The primary device is the one holding the media volume.

How to Adjust Bluetooth Volume on Android

disable android disable absolute bluetooth volume

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly causes the Bluetooth headset problem. The problem lies with the absolute volume feature, not with the Bluetooth headset volume. Since you will discover this upon closer inspection, you will realize that that feature is creating resistance.

Modern technology has made a device without a physical port less valuable; because of this, Bluetooth has become a handy feature. As previously stated, users prefer wireless headphones over headphones with a 3.5mm port these days, and Bluetooth is the reason for it. Users have waited so long to have Bluetooth absolute. Users could control the volume of the primary device and the device that was connected to it separately before it offered this new absolute Bluetooth feature.

The Bluetooth feature of that device will allow you to transfer any kind of file media quickly. In this example, the sink is a Bluetooth device, and the source is the android device. Users can adjust the volume entirely with the phone, and a Bluetooth connection is available.

When you use the Absolute Bluetooth Volume feature, you can adjust the volume of your audio quickly and accurately. Simply put, the sink gets both the audio volume (plus the reduced sound) and the audio volume (plus the reduced sound). Posted by the source and processed by the sink with excellent precision. If you change the controls on the headphones, you will transfer the information from the sink to the original.

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How to Turn Off Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android?

You can turn off the absolute Bluetooth volume feature in the developer’s options. It takes a few moments. Refer to the details below for further instructions.

  • You can change the settings on your Android device by going to the settings menu.
  • Go to setting and select about the phone.
  • Click on the option for your phone’s build number on the About Phone page.
  • After that, press your screen seven times.

android disable absolute bluetooth volume fix

If you follow the complete process, you can enable the developer options on your Android device. In your device’s system settings, you can easily access this option. Your android device may show you other options in your system settings if you have customized it another way; usually, it is always under the “System” tab.

android disable absolute bluetooth volume fixed

You will enable the developer’s option on your android device after following the steps mentioned above. Now move forward to the following essential point, which may you curious about to know the disable the absolute Bluetooth option: if so, here is the step is written below:

  • Check your device’s Android settings.
  • To access the developer’s options, tap the developer’s option.
  • Located at the bottom of the page is the networking section
  • If you choose this option, the absolute volume will be disabled. It will turn OFF automatically by default.
  • By simply tapping on it, you can select the ON option.

So, this is the process to disable absolute Bluetooth volume. In Android devices, Bluetooth volume is not combined with Android volume. Your Android device will not interfere with your Bluetooth headset, and you can control it independently. Increasing or decreasing the volume is managed separately.

Is It Changing the Bluetooth Volume Experience?

In addition to your primary device being able to control everything, the Bluetooth devices connected to it should also be able to be prevented from it. Using a Bluetooth device without volume control will result in a nil volume control.

You can access absolute Bluetooth volume using the tips above and hopefully understand what Absolute Bluetooth volume is. Ensure your Bluetooth headset is connected and has advanced volume features so that it performs optimally. Using your device, you must disable the absolute volume setting in order to access the right volume.

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Wrapping Up

We hope this may clear your problem of Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume, if you like the article, do tell us in the comment section below. Do give a thumbs up:)

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