Why is Cycle Frontier Not Showing Friends? How To Fix

Why is Cycle frontier not showing friends? Cycle Frontier is an alien world game in which the players search for loot while killing and fighting with the alien creatures and the other online players. It is an action shooting game.

The players land on an alien planet that is Fortuna 3. Players face many problems related to adding friends on the cycle frontier 

Adding your friends on the cycle frontier’s Fortuna 3 would make it a lot easier for you to collect and loot the resources for survival in the game, you can divide the work also and work as a team too.

What is cycle frontier not showing friends error?

why Cycle Frontier Not Showing Friends happens

The error of cycle frontier not showing friends is not related to anything done by the players it is a technical error from the side of the servers of the game.

In this error, you will face many problems when you will be inviting your friends or when you will be playing this game with them. 

The errors which you might face can be that you will not be able to receive any of the invitations from your friends or your friends will not be able to receive invitations for joining the game online.

The other error that you might face is that your friends will suddenly disappear from the friend’s invitation list or the friend list.

Facing these errors while playing cycle frontier makes it very difficult for the players to play with their friends as they are not able to send and even not able to receive the invitations for joining. We will be providing you with some fixes for this annoying problem.

Why cycle frontier not showing friends issue Happens

how to fix Cycle Frontier Not Showing Friends

This issue is caused by errors in coding or some missing files from the side of the cycle frontier developing teams. The main reason can be that some codes related to the friend’s invitation list were not coded properly when it was released.

The developing company of cycle frontier that is YAGER said that they have fixed the error but according to some players they are still facing issues in the friend list. The reason behind this problem is not yet confirmed, no one exactly knows what’s causing the error.

However YAGER the developer of the game are aware of the problem of the friend list error faced by the players, so they are working on it to permanently fix it, till then we will be providing you with some temporary fixes.

How To Fix Cycle Frontier Not Showing Friends

what is Cycle Frontier Not Showing Friends issue

Cycle frontier developers are constantly working on solving the cycle frontier not showing friend errors. The developers have given us some fixes for the same, so we will be discussing them separately.

We are sure one of them will surely work for you but if you are still not able to fix the error then we recommend you to report this problem to the team behind the developers or you can explain your problem on Twitter by tagging them, if the same problem will be faced by other players they’ll retweet and the team will look up to this matter soon.

There are many ways to solve this problem, some of which are:

Fix 1: Restart the game

You should try restarting the game and see if you are now able to access the friend’s list or if you are able to send invitations or able to receive invitations.

Fix 2: Restart your device in which the game is installed

If restarting the game didn’t work for you we suggest you try restarting your system and see if the issue is resolved

Fix 3: Set Steam profile to public

You can try setting your steam profile to the public for solving the issue. 

You can set your steam profile to the public by going to your stream profile and selecting the option of edit profile after that select the option of privacy settings to the public view.

Fix 4: Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game

The last option which is left with us is something that works every time for every error that is uninstalling the game from your device this will be a very time taking process so try it at the end.

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So this was all about fixing the cycle frontier not showing the friend’s error, we have provided you with some solutions we hope that these solutions will work for you but if not then we should wait for the developers to fix this issue.


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