DevSecOps as an Effective Methodology of Future. Enclosing the Essence with IT Expert

It was several years ago when our interlocutor, Kanstantsin Zalialetdzinau, started his research on the needs that the IT industry has and the challenges it faces daily. Since that, the results of the research became the basis of the new approach that today is known as DevSecOps. Kanstantsin highlights the main principles and features that DevSecOps has and shares his expertise in this article.

What’s So Special in DevSecOps

Of course, the principles of a new methodology were not defined by our expert only. That was an essential process that was boosted by the need for improved security of software. That feature was not totally neglected before, but its implementation was not perfect. That was the reason for changes that happened in the industry in the past few years.

Kanstantsin bounds the advent of DevSecOps technology with the increased level of cybercrimes that is characteristic of the whole world in recent years. Each year tons of software products suffer from hacking attacks and fraudsters due to errors in the code or security lacks. DevSecOps changed the vector of product development from speed and racing with competitors to thorough and constant security improvements during the whole development process.


Of course, a new methodology needs new tools for its implementation. For DevSecOps, they are represented in a diverse range. More important in that case is changing the whole approach to the IT developer’s profession.

As Kanstantsin noticed, the world needs global solutions, and for DevSecOps, a specialist needs to be an expert in several areas at once. You cannot be just a front-end developer when you use DevSecOps. You need knowledge in programming, no doubt, but being skilled in infrastructure automation, design, security engineering, cloud technologies, and management is also a must. Only in that way the approach may work. Why so?

The reason is simple. The basis of DevSecOps is a collective responsibility for the result. Thus, a developer should know how to distinguish errors in other areas of development except for his responsibility zone.

Besides, for DevSecOps, it is crucial to apply several tools at once. You won’t gain results if you use just standard testing tools for your software. Add to them some more like Falco, Prometheus, or Trivy (or their analogs). Only in that way, the results will be reliable.

And one more change that is characteristic of DevSecOps in the US today is its scaling down. Previously, that technology was a kind of luxury service affordable only for big enterprises whose budgets allowed spending money on constant improvements of their products and the increase in their security. Today, when DevSecOps became a real culture, it is easier to implement its ideas for small and medium-sized businesses as well.

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Wrapping Up

So, making some conclusions on Kanstantsin’s research, we can highlight the following thesis:

DevSecOps needs to implement new culture in the development team. The main feature of that culture is a collective responsibility for all results of teamwork.

DevSecOps provides continuity and cyclicity of processes in which software security and reliability are constantly checked. Besides, the speed of the development is not decreased in that issue as the DevSecOps toolkit allows to maintain it high.

For DevSecOps implementation, the staff needs to provide constant learning and get skills in various areas to be real multi-skilled pros.

Due to the expansion of DevSecOps approach, it can be used in all kinds of businesses today. It becomes more affordable for US businesses.

These results can come in handy for those who are interested in the implementation of DevSecOps in 2021. So, take them for your benefit!

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