Email Signatures

If you are a business owner then email signature is something that you have definitely heard of. If you are new to the business game and do not know how to use an email signature then you are in the right place. This article will entail the importance of email signatures, the advantages of using one and also how to create email signature generators.

So let’s start by asking, What Is an Email Signature?

Email Signatures

To put it in very simple words, email signatures act like modern-day business cards. A business card is made with the purpose of informing the client about all the services provided by the company.

Similarly, an email signature is a customised paragraph of information added at the end of each email sent out by the company’s official mail. Email signatures contain the signature of the Company lead along with some basic information about the services provided. Email signatures are extremely important as they inform the client about the nature of the products of the company. It also includes electronic or e-signatures which can be added with the company info. All the other relevant and important information like the name of the company, address, office and photographs are also added in an email signature.

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Why should one use an email signature?

Email Signatures

There are plenty of reasons why you should create an email signature for all the emails that you send out to the customers. Here are some of the most important points to keep in mind.

  • Email signatures add a touch of professionalism to each email that your company sends out.

It is a well-known fact that the maximum number of emails land up in a person’s spam or bin. Mails from different companies and brands do not catch the attention of the recipient. The reason behind this is that most of the company emails land up in the waste bin or the spam section of the folders. To ensure that this is avoided. for your company, make sure to create professional emails which are accompanied by an email signature.

  • The email signature ensures that the message looks authentic and genuine.

Email signatures also give the mail a neat and Orderly appearance.

We are sure that as a recipient, you might have received several spam or fake emails. The worst part about these emails is the flashy and loud colours used. There are several flashy links that pop up on these emails and irritate the eyes of the viewer. Hence to make sure that your company’s emails are neat and orderly, make sure to add an email signature.

  • An email signature showcases the professionalism and etiquette of the company.

Before spamming and dumping the customer with loads of information and unnecessary messages about your company the email signature will inform the client about your services in a line or two. Email signature carries a message of at most professionalism.

  • Email signatures make sure that the customer has all the relevant information at hand.

Unlike spam emails, professional emails containing the email signature make sure that the customer has all the relevant information at hand. The company does not beat about the bush, sending messages and erroneous links to the customer.

  • We suggest that you build up a relationship of trust and loyalty with the customers.

The relevant information must include the name of the company which will ease the searching process, links to the present website of the brand, the name and designation of the sender and available contact information.

  • The addition of email signatures after a message makes sure that the email gets recognised and acknowledged by the audience.

If you want to make sure that your email does not get ignored like spam messages and fake mails, adding email signatures is necessary. Email signature makes sure that your messages are acknowledged and reviewed by the appropriate audience groups.

  • Email signatures make the right first impression on the customers.

Which email are you likely to read- the one with no contact or recipient information or the one which has all the relevant information including website links? Of course, as a user, you are more likely to respond and investigate an email containing the right tags. Thus, while sending out emails to the right audience groups make sure that you include the right information. This will redirect the customers to your website and boost sales.

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Designhill is the best signature generator tool that you can use to create some fantastic signature emails.

Here are the steps that you require to follow to create the appropriate email signatures.

  • First of all, you need to visit the Designhill platform or website to avail the email signature generation services.

You shouldn’t delay the process of creating email signatures, even a bit especially when Designhill has made it so easy! Visit the Designhill website to create email signatures. You can choose from a plethora of customizable options to create the email signature of your choice.

  • After this, enter the details of your company on the blank boxes displayed on the page.

Designhill will ask you to enter the relevant data which will be displayed on your email signature. The data includes things like the name of your company, the designation of the sender, address of the company in two lines, phone number, fax information, working email and other important data.

  • After entering all the relevant information you can proceed to click on the generate email signature button displayed below.

What is the advantage of using Designhill to create customised email signatures?

In this era of fast-paced lives, everything is available with a single click. Email signature generators are plenty on the internet, but Designhill has been working on creating signature emails for a long time now.

The widespread popularity of Designhill’s Signature email and the customer testimonials speak volumes on the subject.

Here are the major advantages of using design health email signatures.

  • Your signature email or footnotes are created in 60 seconds!

Signature emails created with the help of Designhill generator are created in under a minute. You do not have to wait for hours or days before getting your final email signature.

  • You can use your mobile phone, tablet, personal computer, laptop or even a tab to create the email signatures.

Designhill gives you the advantage of using any device to create the signature email. You do not have to wait for your laptop to charge up or your tablet to create the perfect signature email. You can also create these email signatures using your mobile right now.

  • Designhill’s email signatures are known to increase the traffic and boost through visits on your page.

Not only is Designhill an expert in creating signature emails but it also boosts the traffic on your web pages. Designhill has been in the market for a long time for boosting the page visits and increasing the traffic on your website.

  • Designhill creates signature emails to increase the chance of replies and recognition of your messages.

Business certified emails and professional messages have a greater chance of replies from the audience base. Designhill ensures that utmost professionalism is maintained while creating signature emails. This increases the chance of replies from customers.

  • Designhill uses simple, neat and minimalist fonts to soothe the eyes of the receiver.

It has been scientifically proven that the colour red is an immediate signal for danger in the animal kingdom. The colour red has long wavelengths and signifies attention or immediate reaction from people. Hence it is very important to use soothing and neutral colours like skin colour, aquamarine and other soothing shades to relax one’s eyes. Designhill has a dedicated team of workers and research specialists to make sure that the right colour palette is used for bordering and writing out the email signature.

You should also make sure to include images or the company logo in your email signature. The image which is included should be professional in nature and not frivolous. You can use a passport size picture of your own face with formals or the logo of your company as an image letterhead.

  • Designhill makes sure that your website logos, images and texts are well placed in the email signature.

This is to incorporate all the relevant information that is required.

Designhill also ensures that the right typography and line spacing is used for writing out the email signature. It cannot be emphasised enough how important typography and font colours are when it comes to an email signature created in a professional setting.

The fonts used should be sober, well spaced and legible. If you use Designhill as your email signature generator then you do not have to worry about these minute details. All of them are catered to by Designhill.

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Final words

Here is the important information that an email signature should contain.

  • Provide your name and designation in big and bold letters. The first thing that the recipient will notice is your name and designation in the company.

Hence if you are the CEO of the company then make sure to write the designation. On the other hand if you are the global lead of the same company then mention your designation in a bracket.

  • Make sure to include the links to the relevant and working websites.

Customers will be frustrated if the links are erroneous or take time to load. Hence make sure that the back end of the website is well developed and bugs are fixed regularly.

  • Include contact information like phone numbers, fax information and emails which are working in the present day.

Including alternate contact information like emails and phone numbers is an extremely important step to take.

You can also incorporate several images like the logo of the company or the CEOs portrait to add a touch of authenticity to the email signature.

You can also mention the services or the tagline of the company, in brief, to make sure that the customer knows what is being served by your brand!

Designhill caters to all these needs at once.



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