Find Hidden Dating Profiles

If you’ve been glued to Netflix watching the Tinder Swindler, you are probably ready to swear off dating forever – just in case your partner is wooing and scamming a few dozen others without you knowing it. But if you are still willing to test the waters when it comes to romance, we’ll show you how to find secret dating profiles. You’ll know whether or not your partner is as exclusive as they say they are, and you’ll keep yourself safe from love scammers who aren’t trustworthy at all. 

Without further ado, let’s look at how to find hidden dating profiles on- and offline. 

How to Find Secret Dating Profiles

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There are several reasons why you may want to uncover hidden dating profiles – to find out whether a partner is faithful, or whether the person you met on a dating site is legitimate. Either way, all you need to find someone’s hidden dating profile is a little personal information and some time on your hands. The peace of mind alone will be worth the effort.

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Search For Their Username 

You’ll be surprised how many people use their same Instagram, Spotify, gaming account or Twitter username across their various dating profiles. Try using their real name, username and a combination of past usernames to conduct your own hidden dating profile search on various dating sites and social media to see if anything pops up. Simply putting these details in Google or social media can also reveal a lot…whether it’s good or bad. 

Checking The Browser History or Device

If you have access to your other half’s phone or laptop and suspect that something is going on, you can view their browser history to see if they’ve visited any dating sites you may not be aware of. Sure, they might have a profile from years ago that they’ve forgotten about…but if they’ve been actively visiting the site in recent days and weeks, you have reason to be concerned. The downside of this method is a) that you’ll need access to their devices and passwords, and b) it’s probably considered a significant violation of trust by most people. If you have the necessary info and are willing to take the risk, go for it!

Search Their Email Address

You need an email address to open up an account on Tinder, Bumble, or Zoosk. If you conduct a reverse search or email lookup, you’ll get a thorough breakdown of all the sites where the email address is being used. Bear in mind that they may have registered the account years ago, so opt for a lookup service that provides insight into the registration date before you toss a glass of wine in their face during your anniversary dinner! 

Reverse Image Search 

Find Hidden Dating Profiles using background checker

One of the easiest ways to find hidden profiles on dating sites is to conduct a reverse image search. Many people tend to use the same profile pictures across social media and dating sites, so a reverse image search might reveal any dating accounts associated with it. Bear in mind that pictures are often stolen and used in catfishing scams, so don’t rush to accuse your partner of cheating behind your back. Make sure that the profile is linked to their real number/email address before drawing any conclusions – they may well be the victim of identity theft.

Try Social Catfish lets you search for a phone number to determine which profiles are connected to it. It’s a great way of finding out whether or not your partner is using multiple phone numbers and dating profiles. You can also search for their social media handle. 

Use a Public Records Search Site


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Public records sites can help you determine whether or not the person is who they say they are per public record. You can also find out whether or not someone is still married or divorced, whether they have any aliases, and uncover social media profiles attached to their contact info. It’s like hiring a private investigator…but much cheaper. 

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When it comes to modern relationships, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Online dating scams and catfishing are becoming more and more prevalent and you need to stay safe out there. Now that we’ve shown you how to find secret dating profiles…happy sleuthing! 


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