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Even the very best names in professional gaming have found their fair share of useful strategies that can help gift them an edge when heading into competitive encounters with rival pro names, and since this has brought such unmitigated success for a number of star names within the gaming industry, more casual players have since adopted or developed their own strategies for their online matchups.

It can be a challenge to find a unique yet resourceful strategy that can bring such great success to a gamers online encounters to help steer the outing back in their favor, yet most gamers will most likely sight out a particular strategy that caters to their play style and overall pace of the matchup itself.

All major gaming titles and casino outlets require expert precision and timing as well as judgment that are usually dependent on organizing a strategy tailored to the gamer and their approach to a contest.

These are some of the best strategies used by a variety of gamers for some of the world’s most popular gaming titles:

  • Blackjack – Doubling Down on a hard eleven:

gaming strategies for blackjack

The surge in popularity surrounding online casino games has been immense throughout the past few years and one of the industry’s most popular casino outings remains to be Blackjack, a game that requires a number of wise tactics and strategies to beat the dealer.

To have a well thought out blackjack strategy, most players will usually rely on insight from other star names who frequently play the game of Blackjack, and the most common tip handed out by most players who are aiming to earn higher winnings is always look to utilize a double down if your total is a hard eleven.

Punters will also advise to not double down if the dealer already has an ace in their hand, yet using this rule in your favor could potentially result in a much higher winning and a memorable victory over the dealer.

  • Always mark a scavenger contract when spawning in and avoid ‘challenging’ players if necessary – Call Of Duty Warzone:

gaming strategies for call of duty

The battle royale genre is amongst the most popular titles following a major spike in player base interest thanks to releases of games such as Fortnite, H1Z1, and PUBG, they have become so popular that the juggernaut of the first person shooter genre (Call Of Duty) has even released their own take on battle royale labelled ‘Warzone’.

COD Warzone is an excellent release, but players should be mindful of the tips presented by various players with one of the obvious ones being to not engage anyone from a distance if you are low on health, completely outmatched, or do not have a weapon that is capable of returning fire and dealing a plethora of damage.

Another important strategy used by players when diving onto the map from the plane would be to mark a scavenger contract and complete the objective to obtain more loots and weapons that will allow you to prepare for a gunfight as well as armor plates that need to be equipped.

It is usually important to collect a scavenger that is located in a much more secluded area that maybe just outside the impending zone of gas, as well as collecting other objectives such as bounty’s, recon and supply run to plan your next move and to help narrow down the location of potential enemies. 

  • Be patient and listen out for footsteps of enemies – Rainbow Six Siege:

gaming strategies for Rainbow Six Siege

Nearly a decade after its initial release, Siege is still garnering a great following and active player base thanks in large part to its unique level design, exhilarating gameplay and wide variety of operators to choose from.

When it comes to a reliable strategy in Siege, most players would point out to not rush when attacking and bide your time should you be approaching the objective, as well as using any of your operators abilities.

Defenders should also listen closely to the sounds around them that could be footsteps, explosions or grapple ropes outside the room that may occupy. 

Patience is a great virtue in Siege, and it is never wise to simply rush the objective all guns blazing as it is very likely that you will be killed almost immediately.

Stay with your teammates, formulate a plan of attack, and approach with care and precision whilst leaning with your weapon.

Defenders are also allowed to free roam the map but sometimes it is best to not wander too far from the objective as the attackers will have the upper hand will likely be waiting for you to arrive if they begin capturing.

Siege is a game that relies solely on patience, timing, and skill as well as utilizing your unique abilities to the maximum to help you gain an edge whether your entering a gun fight, finding a path to the objective, or defending the point by any means from the enemy.


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