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Under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, the first anonymous cryptocurrency came live in the market. However, at that time, this cryptocurrency was not listed in any trading venue. Still, when china developed a digital currency exchange, bitcoin started to gain popularity, and traders were aware of this digital coin. You can to get some crucial information about bitcoin trading. When many people learned about bitcoin, they started to point out some challenges and difficulties users face while using this digital currency to transfer funds. 

To solve these problems, many developers came up with the idea of forking this digital money. Cryptocurrency forking is a crucial phenomenon in a specific virtual currency network, as whenever forking occurs, it leads to significant changes in the dynamics of mining and transaction speed. 

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Key Takeaways!

  • Bitcoin hard forks or any cryptocurrency hard fork is defined as drastic yet radical variations in the existing system of a particular digital currency’s electronic ledger. 
  • Only a few people know that this phenomenon is meant to make a partition of the blockchain so that people who want to continue with the original model of that digital currency face no issues.
  • Hard forking does not bring up changes in mining dynamics and transaction speed; it also changes the spot value of a digital currency for a specific period. 
  • Bitcoin hard forking is the mere reason behind an exceeding number of digital currencies named after bitcoin. However, a few famous bitcoin hard forks competing with exceedingly famous digital currency in terms of market value are bitcoin gold and bitcoin cash. 

Bitcoin XT!

bitcoin xt

When bitcoin was skyrocketing in popularity and market value, a developer named Mike Hearn noticed a slow transaction speed in the bitcoin network. So the developer came up with a bitcoin hard fork named bitcoin XT to overcome these challenges. 

Mike shocked the cryptocurrency industry by launching this bitcoin hard fork as it was way faster than the original bitcoin model, which is why it became popular in no time amongst the fintech nerds. Bitcoin XT had a similar number of nodes as the original version of bitcoin. But this bitcoin hard fork could not sustain that hyper for a more extended period, and this project flopped within one year. Mike increased the speed of bitcoin transactions by almost three times as he changed the block size eight times.

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Bitcoin Classic!

bitcoin classic

Bitcoin classic follows a similar storyline as bitcoin XT, but it did not introduce drastic changes like bitcoin XT. Bitcoin classic, rather than focusing on bringing significant changes, just doubled the block size. The number of nodes acquired by this bitcoin hard fork at the early stage was double as of bitcoin XT. Two thousand validators were operating on this bitcoin hard fork. But just like bitcoin XT, people lost interest in this project. But unlike bitcoin XT, the developer of bitcoin classic did not suspend this project, and there are still few people executing operations on this network. 

Bitcoin Unlimited!

bitcoin unlimited

Bitcoin Unlimited is named the biggest failure in the history of bitcoin hard forks. Subsequently, people lost interest in bitcoin classic; a developer initiated bitcoin unlimited. This hard fork introduced a unique idea that bitcoin miners can choose a block size according to their convenience. Bitcoin completely set up a limit of block size up to 16 MB, and due to such reasons, this hard fork was named bitcoin unlimited. 

Bitcoin Cash!

bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash is one of the successful Bitcoin hard forks. The mining community initiated this hard fork in 2017, and according to some reports, this hard fork resulted from a segregated witness hard fork. As a result, Bitcoin cash appears on the list of famous digital currencies. This cryptocurrency’s spot value and market cap are more than other digital currencies. In terms of market cap, it appears in the 11th spot amongst the cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap.

Bitcoin Gold!

bitcoin gold

Bitcoin gold is correspondingly a famous bitcoin hard fork. However, Bitcoin gold mining does not incur the utilization of application-specific integrated circuits as you can mine this cryptocurrency with the graphic processing unit. 

The write-up above describes the complete past of bitcoin’s hard forks.  

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