Many people do things in life because they have to. They do not have the flexibility to follow their dreams. As a result, many people want to become writers but are unable to do it.

In such cases, many people end up doing what they are not passionate about. Nonetheless, as long as you are alive and healthy, it is never too late to become a writer.

There are active steps you can follow to become a writer. In this article, you will learn how to become a writer in 2022.

Determine Your Passion

Before you start writing, you must find what you are passionate about. Doing this lets you put in more effort than you will normally do.

For example, if you are passionate about animals, then you can decide to write about cats and dogs. Or maybe you want to write children’s books.

Knowing what to write about allows you to choose your niche. On the other hand, your niche is the field you want to concentrate on writing within. If you do not have a niche, you will have to take deliberate steps to find one.

Being a great writer involves having a useful niche. From there, you will need to expand your knowledge of the subject. 

Be Deliberate About Learning


All great writers are deliberate about learning. They never miss the opportunity to learn things about their niche. Also, they are equally curious about other subjects.

Therefore, if you aim to become a great writer, you will have to read a lot and have a wide understanding of any subject you intend to write about.

As a result, you will need to read books, magazines, or even scientific research papers. Once reading becomes your second nature, you automatically become better able to create great content.

Learning new things is always fun, and a good writer can never learn enough. Many writers start out in their student years, and their passion for writing stems from their fascination with college paper writing.

If you need help with such matters, ask for help writing a research paper and hire a professional service. Their aid will make sure your academic writing is of pristine quality and cohesive writing style.

Develop a Portfolio

Most writers write because they want to make a decent living doing it. If you are one of such writers, you must have a portfolio. It showcases all your articles, essays, and other writings. In particular, as an artist, your portfolio must contain subjects you are passionate about. Additionally, it must be written using excellent grammar. 

Create a Website or a Profile

Armed with your portfolio, you must have an online space to present it. If you are up for it, you can go solo. You can create a website or a blog to showcase what you can offer. Therefore, you will have to create a brand around your talent.

So, you must create a decent platform that is easy to navigate. Additionally, you should put your contact information. Doing this gives potential clients the ability to contact you for gigs.

Alternatively, you can create a profile using any of the freelancing platforms. With such platforms, you only need to showcase your work. Afterward, you will need to bid for jobs. Once you develop credibility, you will have clients knocking on your door. 

To create an appealing profile, you must have a good CV. As a CV plays an important role in your profile, here are some Writer Resume templates that will help you create a strong and appealing profile.

Invest in Ads

ads laptop

You can invest in ads if you have decent writing skills. When you create ads, you increase the chances of clients finding you. When selecting where to advertise your trade, you need to be strategic.

You should consider where your audience visits the most. For example, if you intend to write for the younger generation, you should place ads on Facebook and Twitter. Likewise, professional individuals prefer platforms like LinkedIn.

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To Sum Up

If you intend to become a writer, you should follow a few steps. In the beginning, you will want to determine what you are passionate about. Doing this can help you find your niche. Next, you will need to be deliberate about learning.

You will also need to create a portfolio. In addition, you will need to showcase what you do on different platforms. Finally, you may want to consider advertising your services. Do all this, and you will get a great start to your writing career!

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