How to Get Better Aim in Apex Legends: Aim Training Tips & Tricks

If you have an average knowledge of Battle Royale games, then you should know that these games are all about shooting. This makes it impossible to talk about Apex Legends without mentioning aiming.

So, you must hone your aiming skills if you want to survive your unforgiving foes. Follow the tips and tricks we have provided in this article to get started. Also, you can arm yourself with the best Apex Legends Hacks to help you maneuver difficult situations in the game.

How to get better aim in Apex Legends

how to get Better Aim in Apex Legends

  • First, Understand your Gun’s Recoil. 

Apex Legends has numerous guns with different recoil patterns. This might be true for about any other shooter game out there. However, Apex Legends has guns whose recoil can mess your shots up if you take them for granted. The recoil of your gun makes your crosshair gradually move off-target and is different for different guns.

For example, your crosshair moves vertically upward from the target as you keep firing with the R-99. The pattern is different for the Re-45 crosshair that moves upward at an angle to the right. Spend some time in the range to learn these tips. Once you understand them, make necessary adjustments to compensate for the recoil – you can take breaks between shots to adjust your aim.

  • Utilize the 3D Aim Trainer

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If you’re looking for other alternatives to practicing in-game to improve your aim, you might want to try the 3D aim trainer. The 3D aim trainer has a variety of features that make it very similar to your main Apex Legends game. You can select your favorite legend and any other weapon of your choice.

You can either use the 3D aim trainer online or download the mobile app on your phone. Don’t worry; the platform supports usage on both IOS and android devices. Furthermore, the game is free and allows you to participate in assessments used to measure how much you’ve improved your aim.

  • Strafe and Aim

The best way to get your shots right in any game is by standing in one position while shooting. This can be very difficult as being static for some seconds can make you an easy target for any shooter. Strafing comes in as a great technique to help you evade some bullets. Strafing involves you moving from side to side in a zigzag manner in-game.

Since this can make aiming difficult, counter-strafing can help you stop immediately and take some shots before continuing. To counter-strafe, all you need to do is press the button that takes you in the opposite direction while you’re moving in a different direction. This practice will help you stop running when you want to and take those much-needed shots.

  • Crosshair Placement

tips and tricks for Apex Legends

A major part of your shooting and aiming in any shooter video game relies on your crosshair placement. If you don’t get this right, then you’ll be having a hard time getting your shots on target. A common rookie mistake made by Apex legends players is leaving their crosshairs in the sky or on the ground.

When this happens, players need to make a lot of movements to get their crosshairs on the target. If an enemy attacks in this situation, you’re as good as dead. To compensate for this, we recommend always keeping your crosshair at head level.

  • Don’t use ADS and Hip fire interchangeably.

ADSing and hip firing have different benefits and requirements. Furthermore, they are applicable in different combat situations. When you aim down sights, you have improved accuracy while reducing FOV.

Hip firing, on the other hand, allows you to make precise movements with eased tracking. So, hip firing is suitable when you’re caught in close-range fights, while ADSing will do the job in long-range combat.

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You can get all the kills and victories in Apex Legend once you fully grasp what it takes to aim. That’s not far fetched, though; you just have to understand and practice the tips listed in this article. 

Your crosshair placements should be able to let you get those quick headshots without much movement. Knowing when to ADS and when to Hip fire is also worth noting. Lastly, know your weapons’ recoil and make necessary compensations for them.

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