How to Prepare for AZ-204 Exam Preparation?

The Developing Solutions for AZ-204 exam evaluates a candidate’s ability to create Azure compute solutions, develop Azure storage solutions, implement Azure security, monitor, troubleshoot, optimize Azure solutions, and connect to and consume Azure and third-party services. You should take the Microsoft AZ-204 exam to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate. AZ-204 is an associate-level test with a medium difficulty level compared to other Microsoft role-based exams.

This article gives a preparation plan for the azure security certification exam to further your career as an Azure developer and take the AZ-204 test.

Why should you take the Microsoft AZ-204 exam?

Prepare for AZ-204 exam

Businesses’ desire to move their operations to the cloud expands daily. Public cloud service companies constantly enhance their solutions as new technological developments are introduced. As a result, the cloud computing certifications demand such as AZ-204, is steadily increasing. For any IT professional wishing to further their career, becoming Microsoft certified is a fantastic opportunity. You will get a more excellent grasp of Azure capabilities and services and hands-on experience on several topics with the AZ-204 certification. This exam will help you better understand programming and become a productive part of your team. This certification will also assist you in staying current with the latest Azure technology developments and establishing yourself as one of the most sought-after specialists in your profession.

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How Should You Prepare for the AZ-204 Exam?

Prepare for AZ-204 exam preparation

For clearing any exam, you must have the right plan and preparation. If you need help passing the Microsoft AZ-204 exam, you’ve come to the right spot. To prepare for the AZ-204 exam, use the following advice:

Exam Preparation:

First and foremost, become familiar with the AZ-204 exam objectives and test skills. Always go to the official certification page for the most up-to-date exam information. You can learn everything you need to know about the exam on the official certification page, including prerequisites, exam fees, exam objectives, and other pertinent information.

Begin small:

Begin your preparation for the AZ-204 certification exam with the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam. It will assist you in understanding how Microsoft tests work without becoming overly technical.

Recognize the Exam Format:

It’ll help if you familiarize yourself with the exam format before taking it. Understanding the various questions that may arise on your exam will make answering them and getting the most points per question much more accessible.


Various self-study learning tools are available to help you prepare for and pass the AZ-204 test, including videos, books, whitepapers, and more.

Learn from Microsoft:

Microsoft provides a formal learning route to help you prepare for and pass the Microsoft AZ-204 azure security certification exam, allowing you to become a Certified Azure Developer Associate.

Training with an Instructor:

You can get help with your preparation from several reliable instructor-led training groups. The classroom experience may be both enriching and efficient with the right instructor. Receiving personalized assistance with multiple exam topics is an advantage of instructor-led training.

Participate in Study Groups:

Study groups are beneficial in a variety of ways. They aid in the organization of your studies. They also help you obtain a new perspective on the material and reduce procrastination. Forming a study group can be advantageous when you have a few friends, coworkers, or others studying for the AZ-204 exam.

Practical Experience:

You have the freedom to utilize the free services in various ways to satisfy your needs within these restrictions. Nothing beats getting your hands dirty, so create an Azure account for free and get started. Your Azure free account comes with a set of supplementary services for the next 12 months.

Microsoft Documentation and Learning:

Microsoft Learn provides free online training and learning courses across many Microsoft technologies. Examine all the documentation available on Microsoft’s official certification page before attending the azure security certification exam. 

Exams for Practice:

A candidate’s first goal should always be to take practice exams before taking the AZ-204 certification exam or any other exam. Make the most of your practice time. Microsoft also provides practice examinations to aid in your study.

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The following are the percentages of questions from all of the modules:

Module 1 (25-30%): Develop Azure compute solutions:

This module covers the development and deployment of App Services, the integration of Azure Functions with various Azure and third-party services, and the development, hosting, and binding ideas. AZ-203 used to cover Kubernetes, but it has been phased out in favor of AZ-204 certification.

Module 2: Azure Storage Development (10-15%):

More queries on Azure Blog Storage, Microsoft’s cloud object storage solution, are expected in this module. Various storage accounts are described, and the exam may include related topics. The construction and overview of the Azure Cosmos Database will elicit the most queries. For answering all possible questions, work on the demo and practice problems from this module.

Module 3: Put Azure security in place (15-20%):

Virtual machine availability choices are addressed in this section. The checklist for Azure Virtual Machines and size are among the topics covered. The test may include ARM Template deployment, Resource Manager templates, and deployment codes.

Module 4 (10-15%): Monitor, debug, and optimize Azure solutions:

The exam covers Key Vault API, Simplified administration, storing secrets and keys to monitor access and use, characteristics of managed identities, and services to support managed identities for Azure resources. A demonstration of the Creating an Application Insights page might help you learn more.

Module 5: Connect to Azure and third-party services and use them (25-30%):

This module will provide a significant portion of the exam questionnaire. Expect questions about Azure Cache for Redis configuration and interaction, Azure Contact Delivery Network (Azure CDN), and the Azure Monitoring data platform. Hands-on experience with increasing speed, monitoring various Azure apps, and integrating applications built with the Web Apps feature of Azure App Service can help you pass the test.

I hope all this information helps your azure security certification exam. All the Best!

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