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As our digital needs are as diverse as it gets, so are our preferences when it comes to the PC of choice. While some choose a laptop due to its portability, others may prefer a desktop solution, as it is easy to build, easy to cool, and because it can handle more demanding tasks, such as playing power-demanding video games and image and video rendering. 

The sheer choice can be overwhelming, so let’s try to figure out: laptop or desktop – which is better for college students? Some may prefer one, while others may prefer the other. When choosing the right solution for you, beware of rabbit holes on YouTube and similar websites and stick to some proven universals.

Digitalization of Studying

As the number of online study materials has increased, so has the need to have a device nearby and ready for studying and note-taking. The 2020 and 2021 saw a major increase in the number of online courses, and as many teachers had to move to online studying, the need for a portable device that can handle some more complicated tasks has increased as well. 

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As a college student, you need a portable, sturdy device with good battery life, so our vote in this regard would go for laptops. The sheer portability is enough to convince everybody that this is a much better choice than a desktop, even in a home setting. After all, being sick and working should not stop you from spending the day in bed.

Understand Your Needs 

Understand your needs first and then go for the choice that should satisfy those needs. If you want to become a writer, for example, or you know that you will be typing a lot, go for a laptop, and focus on how to become a writer. In this case, you will spend a lot of time at your keyboard, and the ability to change the scenery every now and then will easily help you be more productive. 

On the other hand, if you are a gamer, a streamer, or a graphic designer of any kind, a PC may be better for you. It is true that laptops and desktops are very close in terms of performance, but having a desktop means much better cooling and better performance with tasks that can take hours to complete, such as video editing and rendering high-quality graphics. 

The diversity of uses and the portability of a laptop go hand in hand with a more casual lifestyle. If you also happen to be working on some side projects, you can also consider reddit best essay writing services to help you with some college work and focus on your project. Spending time to boil down a 300-page book is not very productive after all. 

We’ve said a thing or two about being productive at your PC, of course. But spending days upon days hunched over your PC is not a good idea. It’s not just your back that will start to ache within a month. It is your social life as well. 

So, being able to use the device in a smart way is more important than the quality of the device itself. For this reason, you should be able to delegate some of the tasks and use your new laptop as a communication portal of some kind. Your back and social activities will thank you for this.

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Which Laptop/Desktop Should You Choose?

As there is a multitude of devices to choose from, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Being able to make the right choice means a lot of time has to be spent thinking and comparing, and truth be told, the price range and your budget often do not exactly match. Thinking about this purchase as an investment is probably the best approach to have. 

The Best Laptop for College Students 

The best laptop for college students will usually mean good battery life and high portability (lightweight). The laptop is the best for those who want the versatility of use without very high performances and easy access to word editors and media. 


The Best Desktop for College Students

The best desktop for college students will mean a good and robust device that is easy to build up when there is a need to do so and can handle a variety of difficult tasks. A good desktop solution will easily last you for years to come. This is the best solution for those that do not want to switch their device every few years but can customize the desktop as their needs change. 


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Final Considerations 

As you prepare to step into college, you may want to start considering which device you will be using in the next three to four years now. Being able to understand your digital needs will help you find the right device for you with ease and will also help you save some money, as there will be no rush shopping for a second device once the semester has started.  


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