How to register an online business in the US

How to register a business online in USA – People who want to build their business or be entrepreneurs have faced only one question: how would I start a business? Worldwide, many business-minded people wish to create a startup plan but lack the knowledge to push their goals further. 

For most merchants to set up their businesses and register their online business can only need less than 2 hours, at an affordable price. If you are ready to establish your business into reality, this article is for you, especially for business-minded people. Let’s begin step by step.  

Steps to register business online in the US

Below are the steps to register business online in the US.

Are you a non-US resident?

Haven’t visited the USA yet? But still want to register the business in the US.

Well, here is a one-stop solution for your queries.

It is not compulsory to be a resident of the United States, anyone can register an online company from their home country.

 1. Pick a business structure 


One of the first decisions you must make is the business structure you want. To decide which business structure is proper for you, first, ask yourself the following questions. 

Starting Business Alone

If so, a sole proprietorship is presumably your best bet. 

Would you like to begin a business with a companion or investor?

If so, organizations are probably the way to go. If your partner is responsible for your day-to-day business, choose the standard partnership. Use finite alliances if they want to invest in your industry. 

Do you want to keep your business and personal finances/liabilities separate?

If you want more separation between your business and your finances, LLC is a good choice. Flexible and easy to generate (alone or with a partner), LLC is a general business structure for online businesses. 

Do you have the staff, or are you planning to issue shares?

Forming a company is a good idea if your business has already been set up in places with multiple employees or if you want to issue shares. Several options are available, and the process of creating an enterprise tends to be more detailed than many other business structures. 

Is your company built around supporting a cause and helping people?

If your company aims to help others, please consider reviewing a Benefit Corporation (a corporation in the public interest) or a non-profit corporation (a corporation that uses its profits to support charitable activities). If your company is committed to rewarding members who use it and keep it, check out the cabin.

Now you have an idea of ​​what you need to do for the business structure. We will tell you the complete information related to online business. You will get a helpful theory, and you are ready to execute the plan. 

Sole Proprietorship;

There is no legal or financial difference between a business owned by a person and a business owner. This type of business structure is the most common for online merchants and does not require any formal or legal procedures to create it. If you start your online business sole proprietary, this is the structure you need. 

However, depending on the products you sell and your location, you may still need a local permit or license. As license requirements and fees vary from city to city, check with your local Small Business Administration (SBA) office or city hall for the correct license.

With Partnership;

A business where two species run one company and the responsibility To register your business for partnership, both of you will have to sign on the partnership certificate. It will be that both of you are partners of this company. And invest together in this company, and both will understand their responsibility very well.

Limited Partnership;

In this business structure, general partners run day-to-day operations, while limited partners invest in the company. A limited partner has no say in how the business operates but invests in the industry for profit when the business is booming. 


A company completely independent from its shareholders The company is suitable for mature companies with employees. This type of business structure is uncommon for online merchants, especially those just starting. If you want to start a business, it has several different business structures, including several companies. However, since online merchants are unlikely to form one of these businesses, we will not go into details here.

Nonprofit corporation;

Such a business that would have used the profit in the work of re-paddy. This type of business is tax-free. But for this tax-free business, you have to apply in advance, for which you need to fulfill some things of the corporation.

2. How can I get my online business registered?


After knowing the business structure, let’s move on to paperwork essential to running the online business. 

  • Begin registration process:

For this, you have to fill in the name of your business in a form by which you want to identify your business. With an Entry name, you can also submit a DBA which stands for ‘doing business as.’ The change can help this in your business name; that is, the entry name in your registration form will remain the same; you can change the public name only if you want.

  • Registration of your business legally, IRS, and Tax Authority

Suppose you are registering the business in a partnership, LLC, corporation, nonprofit, or co-op. In that case, you will need to register with the legal entity according to your state, for which you will need Will to cost up to 300$, but it is not required in a sole proprietorship. Along with this, you also need to register a Federal Tax ID number known as Employer ID or EIN to pay taxes for your business. You can file this process according to your state tax service.

  • You will need to Register with the appropriate licenses and permit

A license or authority may be required to operate legally. Be sure to contact your local Small Business Administration (SBA) office or city hall, as required permits and licenses vary by city, county, and state industry. You give the permissions you need. You can also check out this guide on permits and approvals for almost any online store you need to stay legal. These are also describing in detail below. I’m sorry, but I’m a sole proprietor.

3. How to get EIN for the eCommerce store?


If you are running a small business, you may need Federal Business Tax ID and EIN; it gives you Social Security EIN a nine-digit number that gives an identity to your business. 

  • Make sure you need it or not

Suppose your online store has located in the United States or a US territory. In that case, you must obtain an EIN if you have workers, withhold taxes on earnings and salaries, or conduct the firm as a corporation or partnership. Other commercial entities, such as estates, trusts, and charitable organizations, require an EIN as well.

  • How to apply for an EIN

For this, you can apply for EIN online in the IRS website; by filling the online form, you can get the benefit of EIN quickly.

When applying for an EIN, use Form SS-4 and bring your valid Taxpayer Identification Number with you. If you are unsure whether numbers qualify, the IRS recommends that you can use your SSN, ITIN, or EIN.

Go to the IRS website and select the “Apply for an Employer ID Number (EIN)” button, which will lead you to a new page.

Read the EIN application page instructions before clicking “Apply Online Now” to access the EIN Assistant page.

Click the “Begin Application” button.

Answers the question asked

You’ll be prompted to choose the type of EIN for which you’re applying initially. A sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC, estate, trust, or other types, such as tax-exempt and government organizations, are all options. Based on your selections, they will guide you through a series of additional questions, including your reason for getting an EIN, your name and social security number, and any other pertinent information you must submit before completing your application.

4. Open your business bank account


If you are serious about your business, you need to save for yourself and business funds in the bank to withdraw money from the bank at the time of need. For better convenience, you have to research by going to different banks. We will tell you how to find a good bank.

  • Check the benefits of various banks

It often happens that many banks offer you anything to increase their clients. We will tell you about many such services to choose them, and we will say that you have to select a bank after checking 4 to 5 banks.

  • Comparing loan offers

Initially, you will be asked to select the type of EIN for which you are seeking. A sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC, estate, trust, or other types, such as tax-exempt or government organizations, are all possibilities. Based on your choices, which will take you through a series of additional questions, including why you need an EIN, your name and social security number, and any other essential information you must supply before completing your application.

  • Getting clear about fees

Before signing in the bank’s papers, you should read their papers well, and you should already be aware of the hidden charges by the bank. If you do not understand the bank’s work, you can help an advocate or financier with you.  

Other costs may exist that you are not aware of if you need to employ an outside professional to review your contract, including the billable hours in the loan cost. After all the processes have been done by now, you can collect your documents. 

5. Trademark and copyright registration


If we talk about trademark and copyright, both have their place and an important area, and both give security to your business. 

Doing this ensures that your brand is unique and cannot be replicated without your consent. 

  • Trademarks Online Businesses Should Know About it

When you the trademarks, it will protect your brand names and logos used on goods or services. Registration in the Brand, Country does not confer any trademark rights. 

Registering a domain name with a brand name does not grant trademark rights. After writing a trademark, you are credible for executing your trademark. 

Your trademark must be distinguished (not easily confused) with other brands related to that product or service. 

You can search for trademarks that are already used through the US Patent and Trademark Office here. It is essential to search first to see if the brand is available for use, as registering a the trading name requires paying a non-refundable application fee of $225 and $400. 

Every 10, the trademark must be updated. Services such as Rocket Lawyer can help you register your trademark at an affordable rate.

  • How long does it take time to finish the trademark registration?

Usually, This process takes 4-6 months and is determined by the number of applicants to be reviewed. If they find anything wrong in your registration form, then you will be asked questions and answers according to their requirements which you have to answer correctly. It means this process takes 11 to 12 months.

  • Can two companies have the same name?

 Yes, two companies can have the same name, as long as they do not provide goods or services related to each other. so now let’s move on to copyright. 

  • Determine your mindset, if you require copyright

According to the US Patent Office, copyright protects the author’s original work. No one can interfere with your claim once an individual has registered the copyright in the public record of their work. They can try to sue for copyright breaking. As per your knowledge, we will tell you that Copyrights are long-term plans for both inventors and unrecognized individuals.

Wrapping Up

We have declared how you can register your online business in US. Firstly choose a business structure, register your business, get EIN, Open bank account for business and lastly check whether you need any trademark registration or not.

We hope you like the article, the comment section is opened for your valuable suggestions.

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