Instagram story screenshot: 4 Best Solutions!

Instagram is all about sharing your life with your friends and family through social media, you can post your pictures and videos, and stories too. 


Uploading and viewing the stories is a part of the daily routine of an Instagram user. But sometimes you want to take screenshots of the Instagram story of the person. 

Before the recent updates, any user could take a screenshot of any Instagram follower without getting in noticed by the other person. But from now if you will take a screenshot of anyone’s story Instagram will notify that user.

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Instagram story screenshot: What will happen when I Screenshot an Instagram Story

what happens?

Instagram is also working on notifying people also when you screen record the story because sometimes we think that Instagram will only notify of taking a screenshot. Still, from now users will also be notified for screen recording of their stories. 

Although it is a great way to win people’s trust because this update proves that Instagram is concerned about the privacy of its users.

But if you still want to screenshot without letting the other user know about that then we have listed some solutions for this problem, for you.

Instagram is also working on bringing in new features in which you will be able to see who viewed your story and also who took a screenshot of it.

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Instagram story screenshot: How to screenshot without getting caught by the user

You can take a screenshot of the story of any user with the help of these 4 solutions

Solution 1: Screenshot in Airplane mode

So starting off with number one and that is taking a screenshot on airplane mode of your device, with this method you can easily take a screenshot of anyone’s Instagram story without notification. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Open your Instagram application.
  • Head to the story of the user of which you want to take the screenshot, open the story
  • Wait for the story to fully load.
  • Now switch on the airplane mode of your mobile, for switching on the airplane mode on iOS you can drag down your control center and find airplane mode there, in android devices you can get it in the notification tray, or0 else you can turn it on from system settings.
  • Turing on the airplane mode will switch off the cellular data, Bluetooth, wifi of your mobile

airplane mode

  • Now open the Instagram application.
  • Select the story of that user.
  • As we let it load earlier it will not need any network for loading again.
  • Now you can take a screenshot of the story.
  • As soon as you finish taking the screenshot.
  • Close your Instagram app for 2-3 minutes.
  • And turn it on after sometime.

Solution 2: Screenshot from the website of Instagram

As we all know, Instagram also has its own website, so if you want to use your Instagram account on the web, you can do so easily. 

Using the Instagram website is a very simple process you just have to open your browser and search for Instagram web and login to your Instagram account. 

You can do everything from the website which you used to do in the Instagram application.

You can take screenshots of anyone’s story from the Instagram web and they will not get notified, follow the process to know how to do so:

  • First of all open any browser and search for
  • Now after opening the Instagram web, you have to log in to your Instagram account to it  

instagram story screenshot

  • You will now see the stories of all the people you follow
  • Select the story of the user which you want to screenshot, and take the screenshot on the Instagram web.

Solution 3: Screenshot with the help of Third Party Applications

Using a third-party app for taking screenshots can also be a great solution, For android users, you have to install an app that is a “story saver for Instagram” 

story saver

  • Once you are done with installing the application
  • Login in to your Instagram account on that app
  • When you are done with the login process you will be able to spot the stories of your followers
  • Select that user of which you want to screenshot
  • And select the option of saving from the options of save, share and repost
  • The Image of that story will be saved in your gallery

Solution 4: Using the repost app for iPhone

repost for iOS

You can do the same process in the case of iOS to save the stories without letting the other person get to know them. You can use the repost application for iOS devices as it’s reliable and safe too. 

  • Download Repost application
  • Log in to your Instagram account 
  • The User interface of the repost app is just like an official Instagram app
  • Select the story of the user which you want to screenshot
  • Select the option of Save from the menu
  • Go to the photos of your iOS device and you will find the Instagram story of that user


So this was all about How to Screenshot an Instagram Story Without Getting Caught, we have given you the four best ways to do so. Now you can take screenshots without getting caught, we hope all your doubts are solved now.


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