Lights, Camera …Earn Cash! 7 Social Media Apps That Pay Content Creators

The art of creating good content that gets the right kind of audience to take notice is easier said than done. From blogs and social media posts to podcasts and Insta stories, the channels for content creation are manifold, and the industry is vast. This is why there is a such demand for skilled content creators in our information age. 

Technology has afforded us so much convenience and luxury many wouldn’t have even dreamt of a couple of decades ago. Today, earning money from the comfort of your home goes beyond WFH perks employers offer their workforce. It also goes beyond playing no deposit slots at an online casino. True, you can win real money, but there’s no guaranteed income there, and customers generally play for the fun of it, not to earn a living. If you’re a content creator – or aspiring to be one – the following list should shed some light on how lucrative this line of work can actually be, when done with a little bit of know-how and research, of course!

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1. Facebook


These days everyone and their dog (quite literally!) has a Facebook account, but did you know that this platform offers content creators a selection of tools that allow them to earn a decent salary? All you need to monetize your content through paid subscriptions on Facebook is a genuinely engaged community of followers and a well-established business page. Although the feature isn’t available everywhere yet, it’s been embraced by a range of people with different specializations from actors to finance gurus to fitness instructors and even teachers!

2. Instagram


Another way to make money on the Metaverse is via Instagram, which has been great for those looking to earn money via affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Now the app has gone one step further as it’s allowing fans of your content to show their support by purchasing badges during live videos. These badges allow the fan to stand out when they comment on the posts and provides access to special features. 

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3. Twitter


Twitter’s Tip Jar function allows people to support the voices they regularly follow in Twitter conversations. It’s a great new way for Twitter users to send and receive support through monetary tips. Accounts enabled to benefit from this feature will have a Tip Jar icon next to the follow button on their profile page. Using Tip Jar is easy, as you simply tap the icon to see a dropdown menu of payment options and select the preferred one from services such as Patreon, PayPal and Venmo. 

4. YouTube


Making money on YouTube differs considerably from other platforms. The YouTube Shorts Fund of $100 million is distributed to content creators who produce unique YoouTube Shorts content for the community. Any content creator on the platform is eligible, but YouTube will reach out to the creators who create videos that receive the most views and engagements each month and reward them financially. It’s also possible to earn money from long-form video content. Channels with over 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours in a year can monetize their enterprise. 

5. Pinterest


Pinterest’s income-generating potential is somewhat more limited in comparison to other platforms. Through the Creator Fund, Pinterest supports a small number of content creators from underrepresented communities in the USA. This support is not purely financial; Pinterest also funds beneficiaries professionally through strategy consultations and advertising budgets. The fund will support 18 creators from a range of industries to establish themselves on the platform. 

6. TikTok


TikTok is arguably one of the most fun and entertaining social media platforms. Through the Creator Fund, TikTok is giving content creators the opportunity to access funding and build their presence on the platform. To be eligible to apply for this funding, Creative needs to have at least 100,000 authentic views over a period of 30 days. Currently, only those residing in the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain or France can apply, but TikTok is hoping to extend this scheme in more territories very soon. 

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7. Snapchat


Fans of the platform will be pleased to learn that Snapchat pays out up to a whopping $1 million per day. To access funding, Snapchat users just submit their best snaps to Spotlight, an entertainment platform that shares content globally. The content is moderated, and if it’s up to Snapchat standards, it will be shared on their stories. If it goes viral, the content creator is eligible for a Spotlight payout. Although users are able to access payouts more than once, the scheme is limited to certain jurisdictions. 

Times are changing, as is the way in which people consume information. It’s evident that content creators are being recognized for the value of their work and being rewarded handsomely. Although it’s never easy to make money on these platforms, if it’s something you love doing, it’s certainly worth investing in. Growing your following without necessarily giving up the day job is not too shabby a deal if we do say so ourselves. So, get creating and sharing your content and watch the money roll in! 

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