6 Things to Check on Your Domain for Better Results

Are you looking to get the most out of your website? Check your domain! There are several things you can do to improve your results, and we’re going to cover six of them in this blog post. Domain checking is an integral part of website optimization, so make sure you do everything you can to get the best performance possible.

The domain check tool by IONOS will indicate the availability of a certain domain and will offer help with registering this domain. Moreover, it will check many key performance indicators, which will help you improve your results.

Things to Check-up on

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  • Names Must Tell Stories

Domain names are like the foundation of a house. They should be strong, stable, and easy to remember. But most importantly, they should represent what your business is all about. A good domain name tells a story about your brand, product, or service. It should be easy to remember and pronounce and evocative of the thing it represents. 

If you’re having trouble coming up with a name, try thinking of metaphors or analogies that might help you zero in on the right one.

  • Keywords Aren’t Usually the Most Crucial Factor

When it comes to SEO, a lot of people focus on keywords. While they are crucial, they’re not usually the most essential factor. The title of your page and the content on the page are more important than the keywords. The keywords are just a way to let the search engines know what your page is about.

If you have a good title and good content, you’ll rank higher in the search results than if you have good keywords. So, don’t focus too much on them. Just make sure they’re included in your title and throughout your content.

  • You Choose the Zones and Levels for your Domain

You first need to decide which of the six available zones you want your domain to be in. There are three main zones: the combat zone, the social zone, and the exploration zone. Each has two sub-zones: the safe subzone and the dangerous sub-zone. Once you’ve decided which zone(s) you want your domain to be in, you need to choose those zones’ level(s). 

The level determines how difficult it is for characters to enter and leave your domain and how much control you have over what happens within it. You can read more about levels here.

  • The Experience Matters

Your domain name is how people find you online, so it’s important to choose one that is easy to remember and pronounce. But beyond that, your domain says a lot about your brand. A good domain name will give people an idea of what they can expect from your website. It should be relevant to your business or personal brand, and it should be short, sweet, and to the point.

  • Authority May be Inconsistent

The first thing you should check is the authority of your domain. Domain authority is determined by several factors, including age, popularity, and size. If your domain has been around for a while, it’s likely to have more authority than a newer one. Similarly, if your domain is famous or has a lot of content, it will also have more authority.

However, even if your domain is new or not very popular, you can still improve its authority by adding high-quality content and links from other websites. These will all help to increase your domain’s ranking in search engines and make it more visible to potential visitors.

  • The History of the Domain is a Ghost in the Closet

When a domain has been around for a while, there’s bound to be some history attached to it. And that history might not always be something you want to be associated with. A quick Google search of the domain can often reveal any skeletons in the closet. If you see anything that could potentially damage your reputation, it’s best to steer clear.

Of course, not all domains with a shady past are automatically off-limits. If the previous owner was upfront about the issues and has taken steps to mitigate them, it might still be worth considering. But if they’re being cagey or evasive about what happened, walk away.

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The Bottom Line

No matter what kind of business you have, or what industry you’re in, your domain is a critical part of your online presence. By taking the time to check on these six things, you can be sure that your domain is working as hard as it can for you and your business. Furthermore, if you’re not happy with your current domain, now is the time to make a change.

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