7 Tips For Creating Effective Social Media Ad Landing Pages

If you are in the process of planning a social media advertising campaign, whether via Facebook, TikTok or the many other socials at your disposal, you’re going to need to give some serious thought to where you’ll be sending that traffic to.

Directing ad traffic to a generic home page is no good – unless your entire website is geared towards a single conversion. However, if you are pushing a specific product, promotion, or service, then you should have a dedicated landing page ready and waiting to receive those clicks and (hopefully) turn them into conversions!

In this article we’re going to share some tips on how to create effective social media ad landing pages…

1. Keep the design simple and in keeping with your ads

If you have colourful ads and you send traffic to a landing page with an entirely different vibe, it will throw some people off. You must keep them suitably synced.

Furthermore, it’s also worth keeping the design nice and simple; no more complex than is necessary.

Remember: it’s all about the user experience. Let the aesthetics come second.

The critical on-page elements are:

  • A bold headline.
  • Main body of copy.
  • Relevant and compelling visuals.
  • Social proof.
  • Compelling CTA.

2. Consistent brand messaging

brand messaging

Similar to the design itself, you should also maintain consistent brand messaging in your ads and your landing pages. Your users click on a LinkedIn ad for example, because they are intrigued by the messaging; and if that tone changes entirely when they arrive on a landing page it can be disappointing – and perceived as a little misleading.

3. Prioritise mobile responsiveness

91% of social media users access their chosen platforms via a mobile device. As such, mobile responsiveness is an essentiality.

It really is as simple as that.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of visual elements

power of visual elements

While we have suggested that you keep to a simple design for your social ad landing pages, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t include any visual elements.

Yes, your written sales copy is critical, but if you can use various visual elements such as a video or infographic to complement it, the results can be tremendous.

Just try not to over-do it. The aim is to support your message and highlight the benefits of choosing you over your competitors, not to overwhelm the senses!

5. Write a killer CTA

While there are a number of valuable elements on an effective landing page, the CTA (call to action) is arguably the most important of all.

You need to indicate to your page visitors what action you want them to take next. However, you also need to offer them the path of least resistance.

The best CTAs are short, concise, and compelling – and more importantly, easy to follow.

Your users will be less inclined to click on a CTA if they think a lot of effort—or too many steps—will be involved.

6. Split-test everything


Next, you want to split-test (or A/B test) everything – especially your CTA. What this essentially means is running two different versions of your landing page side by side. So for example, if you can’t settle on which call to action you think will be the most effective, trial it! Run some ads to each page and see how they both perform.

You can repeat this process for a multitude of different changes. Following that, you continue to dial-in your approach until your ads are performing optimally and your conversions are peak!

7. Hire the pros

Finally, if you don’t like the idea of having to go through all this work by yourself, you could always hire the professionals. Fact is, there’s an awful lot of work involved with running a successful social media ads campaign.

However, if you outsource your requirements to the professionals, you can enjoy the best results without having to lift a finger – thus saving you precious time to focus on your new influx of customers.

This agency specialises in advertising on social media in Singapore and has a sterling reputation for delivering superior results. If you aren’t quite convinced, there’s 100+ case studies that stand testament to that.

In any case, we hope this article has been insightful. If you follow the above steps and test everything, you should be able to find your groove.

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