Tips to make a great product video for youtube?

While selling a product or any service as a business owner, creating a product video would help your potential customers to make a quick decision.

Several studies have found that if you include a product video on your website, it helps you improve conversions by around 80%. A great product video enables you to inform and inspire viewers to give more attention to your business and your products as a product seller.

To help you sell your products by creating an engaging product video for YouTube, here are some tips that you can follow.

Focus on the Context 

Creating a product video doesn’t mean that you can just create a video describing your products. While creating a video, your aim must be to answer these questions, which are

  • What problem would be solved by using your product?
  • How would it enrich your customers’ lives?
  • Will the products inspire a customer to do more?
  • Will this product help the customers to increase their overall happiness?

Answering all these questions with the help of a product video will make the video more engaging and convert more viewers into customers.

Show and Tell

Making a high-concept product trailer may look fancy and artistic, but it would not help the viewers know the product you are selling. In the end, this type of video would not inspire the viewers to become customers.

Applying a simple strategy of “Show And Tell,” which means showing off your product and telling your customers about it, would help you get a much better conversation rate than just creating a fancy-looking product video.

Here are a few product videos that you can create and promote your products very easily.

  • Demo- This type of product video simply shows off the product in action while using it.
  • Explainer- This type of product video will tell you how the product works and share your brand’s story by using a combo of both audio and text. An explainer video helps you to convince a human to purchase.
  • Tutorial- This type of product video is instructive and provides a list of instructions. This type of video is suitable for those who have already purchased a product and need guidance to use the product properly.

Share your Story Through the Video

While viewing a product video, viewers want to know the details about the product and want to know and meet the people behind the making of the product and the people who are using it.

 Describing the product specifications with the help of a product video is important, but they are not everything. People now like companies on a mission and want to solve a human problem rather than those companies who just want to sell a product.

Your product video should explain the reason behind your company’s existence and want to know the problems your product would solve.

Customize Your Video

While making a product video, you should know how to make a YouTube video. As YouTube is one of the leading and powerful video marketing tools, knowing the ways to create a YouTube video is necessary for any video marketing strategy.

video shooting

Your product video is simply an advertisement of your products. It will give your viewers a first impression of your product. So, it is important to make the video appear in the best way possible. Blurry footage or unclear photography may lead to no effect on your product sales.

Besides your company’s YouTube channel, your product video must be live on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Cater to Your Target Audience

Often you would notice that when a brand goes on a tour, they shout out the name of the city they are touring. Similarly, in the case of product video, you should mention the group of audience you want to target with your video. For example, if you are an owner of a decor company, then your target audience is all interior designers and interior design lovers. So, in your product video, mentioning your target audience would help the viewers to know for whom the product is for.

Include Some Personality

With your product video, it is always preferred to showcase your brand’s identity. Highlighting your personality would help your product stand out in the competition of many other similar products available in the market.

Include a Call-To-Action

While creating a product video, you must include a call to action to help people know the steps they need to follow to buy the product.

Points to Take Away

To make a successful, highly engaging, and interesting-to-watch product video, you need to be creative, direct, and human. You need to put your efforts into becoming helpful and showcasing the reason people should use the product.

 The product video should answer all the questions of your potential customers and should also mention the benefits of using the product.

What Should You Include In Your Product Video?

Last or not least, this tip would help you to create a proper product video that must contain all the elements required to describe your products in a better way.

  • The video must contain plenty of product photography, ideally a 360 degree of your products.
  • The video must display the dimensions of your products that would help the viewers to understand how large, heavy, or light your product is.
  • Also, The video should also contain a call to action to your website or to your social media pages, through which viewers will get to know more about you and about your business.
  • The video should contain social proof documents like testimonials and reviews to show how your product is different from other similar products.
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