The Top Computer Security Vulnerabilities in 2022

Cybercriminals are always seeking new methods to exploit vulnerabilities in your computer security. While their goals vary (political motivations, monetary gain, or simply for fun/prestige), they pose a significant threat to your firm.

Part of safeguarding your firm against current cyber threats is being aware of the many vulnerabilities that might expose your network—and then repairing those faults before an attacker can use them

What is a Computer Security Vulnerability?

Computer Security Vulnerability

A computer security vulnerability, in the most basic sense, is a fault or weakness in a system or network that may be exploited to inflict damage or allow an attacker to influence the system in some way.

This differs from a “cyber danger” in that, unlike a cyber-threat, computer system vulnerabilities reside on the network asset (for example, a computer, database, or even a single application) from the start. Furthermore, they are not frequently the product of an attacker’s deliberate effort—though cybercriminals will exploit these defects in their assaults, causing some to use the phrases interchangeably.

The nature of the vulnerability and the motivations of the attacker determine how a computer vulnerability is exploited. These faults could be the result of unanticipated interactions between many software programmes, system components, or fundamental problems in a single programme. It is critical to recognise system vulnerabilities in almost every network, but, because of the extremely complex structure of current network design, there is no way to detect and repair them all.

However, identifying some of the most prevalent network vulnerabilities and finding solutions to fix them may greatly lower your chance of a data breach or similar catastrophe. Here are a few examples of security flaws to be aware of:

Hidden Backdoor Programs

Hidden Backdoor Programs

This is an example of a maliciously designed computer security weakness. A backdoor is a programme or piece of code inserted by a manufacturer of computer components, software, or entire devices that permits remote access to a computer (usually for diagnostic, configuration, or technical support purposes). 

A hidden backdoor application is one that is installed without the user’s knowledge on a computer. Hidden backdoors are a serious software vulnerability because they allow anybody with knowledge of the backdoor to have unauthorised access to the compromised computer system and any network to which it is linked.

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Superuser or Admin Account Privileges

software vulnerability

Limiting programme users’ access privileges is one of the most fundamental parts of decreasing software vulnerabilities. The fewer information/resources a person possesses, the less damage a hacked user account may cause.

Many businesses, however, fail to limit user account access capabilities, enabling nearly every user on the network to have “Superuser” or administrator-level access. Under different computer security configurations, unprivileged users can create admin-level user accounts.

Controlling computer security risks entails ensuring that user account access is limited to only what each user needs to do their task. It is also critical to guarantee that newly created accounts do not have admin-level access to prevent less-privileged users from simply creating more powerful accounts.

Automated Running of Scripts without Malware Checks

scripts malware

One frequent network security weakness that some attackers have learnt to exploit is the tendency of certain web browsers (such as Safari) to launch “trusted” or “safe” scripts automatically. Cybercriminals might enable the browser software to run malware without the user’s knowledge or input by impersonating a trusted piece of code and deceiving the browser—who, in many cases, would not know how to stop this “feature.”

Unknown Software or Programming Interface Security Flaws

running software malicious

Computer software is quite complex. The complexity increases when two or more programmes are intended to communicate with one another. The issue with this is that programming faults and conflicts inside a single piece of software can lead to security vulnerabilities. When two programmes interact, the possibility of conflicts leading to software vulnerabilities grows.

Programming flaws and unanticipated code interactions are among the most common computer security flaws, and hackers labour tirelessly every day to uncover and exploit them. Unfortunately, projecting the creation of these computer system vulnerabilities is exceedingly difficult because of the almost endless combinations of software that may be discovered on a single machine, much less an entire network.

Data on the Network That Isn’t Encrypted

data encryption

Although a lack of encryption on the network does not always result in an attack, it does make it easier for attackers to acquire and use data. Unencrypted data on the network may endanger enterprises of all sizes.

Although encryption cannot prevent an attack, it can keep attackers from exploiting stolen information by transforming it into useless nonsense until it can be decoded. This allows consumer protection teams to advise affected parties so that they can take anti-identity theft measures to avoid harm. 

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