The Top 5 Free Puzzle Games Available on Google Play Store

You might be wondering which games you can download for free from Google Play Store if you have a limited budget and can’t spend extra money on a game. Thankfully, the Google Play Store offers a variety of free puzzle games, such as free Sudoku puzzle games for grownups to play. These games are enjoyable and addictive. Therefore, they’ll provide you with a great gaming experience.

Many individuals frequently believe that if a game is free, it most likely offers boring gameplay and won’t provide them with an amazing gaming experience. This is untrue, though, as you can still find free games with wonderful features that will give you a fantastic gaming experience.

The top 5 best free puzzle games to download from Google Play Store

  1. Sudoku


Our top picks for the most well-liked and cost-free puzzle games must include Sudoku. Free Sudoku puzzle game is a puzzle game that will challenge your mind while still being enjoyable and addictive. The grid size for the Sudoku puzzle game is 9×9. To create a flawless Sudoku, simply enter the numbers 1 through 9 into the grid, making sure that each number only appears once in each column, row, and square.

  1. Picture Cross

Picture Cross

Another entertaining and cost-free puzzle game for adults is the picture cross. A picture cross results from the union of puzzle and art. As you solve each puzzle and attempt to reveal the hidden image when playing picture cross, you must start at the easiest level and work your way up to the expert level.

  1. Unblock Me

Unblock Me

Another well-liked and enjoyable puzzle that can be played for free is this one. Try the puzzle game Unblock Me if you are looking forward to hours and hours of entertainment. It has over 18,000 puzzles that must be solved. In addition to that, this puzzle game has four difficulty levels that you can choose from: challenge, leisure, daily, or multiplayer.

  1. Tangle Master 3D

Tangle Master 3D

This excellent puzzle game is also available for download for free. This puzzle game is perfect for you if you want a challenge. The player must unravel multiple tangled pieces of rope in various colors. Don’t allow the fact that this game first seems simpler to excite you. This is due to the fact that the stages become increasingly difficult when new tangled ropes are added to the mystery that the player must unravel.

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  1. Block! Puzzle Hexagon Game

Block! Puzzle Hexagon Game

Block! Hexa Puzzle is the last game on our collection of free puzzle games worth playing. If you enjoy games where you have to put puzzle pieces together, Block! Puzzle Hexagon Game is ideal for you. You will be handed differently shaped blocks at each stage of the puzzle, which you must carefully place onto a board. The fact that these blocks cannot be rotated must be mentioned. If you believe you can complete all 300 puzzles available in this game, go for it.

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