Home Office Decorating Ideas

When you’re surrounded by all of your life’s work – both personal and professional, you’ll want to be able to tap into everything that truly makes you feel empowered, thus helping you stay motivated over the long haul.

A functional home workspace mirrors an optimal balance between design and comfort. Allow yourself to be among those whose hard work makes their venture a reality, so let everything that surrounds you as you work bring out the best in you.

Here are helpful tips to guide you into making your workspace a productive lane.

Designing Home Workspace

home office decorating

Pick the perfect location

As a work-at-home entrepreneur, you will spend plenty of time in your home office. So it’s important to make sure that you have ample space to get the job done. Even if that means allowing yourself to use the rarely occupied guest room.

Yes, you read that right. Occupying an extra room is always a better idea than turning your computer station into a cramped, overcrowded space. When picking the right location, always keep in mind the number of tasks you are likely to do and how long it would normally take you to finish.

Other things to consider include your ability to resist distractions and whether you’re prone to working better in an open space or a more secluded, private area.

If clients will be stopping by your office, a private space with ample seating is necessary. So, if possible, don’t put yourself in a position where you might need to move around a lot just to be able to accommodate customers.

home office decoration

Invest in a good office chair

To help you stay comfortable at work, it’s best to invest in a great desk chair. This can also allow you to make the most of every minute you spend in the work area.

You spend so much time sitting down from 9 to 5, and the last thing you want to experience is excruciating back pain from all the sitting.

Finding the right work chair can make all the difference. Make sure that your chair is as comfortable as possible, avoids back pain, and promotes good posture!

Splash some colors to your walls

Different colors have different feelings associated with them. You may find that after changing the color of your office walls, one might feel more energized and motivated to tackle not just work tasks but household chores as well! Find out which hues make you feel the most alert and spark some energy in you!

Some people like the energy that comes with greens or yellows while others can only focus on white, black, or browns. If you’re not sure what will energize you and get your creative juices flowing, test a few paint chips out until you find the one shade that works best for your space.

Paint the walls of your office with colors that you love and feel comfortable working in. Remember, if you’re an artist and need a studio environment to make your art, consider painting your walls with distinctive colors that match your positive psychological responses while making art.

  1. Light blue should help you think more clearly and focus better.
  2. Red is a great motivating color.
  3. Orange will get you energized for drawing/painting objects and for focusing on paper works.
  4. Green will boost your creativity and mental function and balance out stress.

home office decorating

Ensure Proper Lighting

Here’s something you might not have thought about before: it’s always best when working at your computer to make sure you’re in an office that has plenty of natural light! Not only does natural lighting help with focusing on work but it also helps reduce eye strain, headaches and can even help you live a longer life.

Illuminate your workspace with lots of natural light. Put a lamp on your desk for task lighting and avoid any glare from overhead lights or windows.

Pick out homey decor items

Pick accessories that create a cozy feeling in your workspaces, such as a stylish charger for your cell phone or adorable mugs for pencil holders. Display books on shelves with lampshades made from the same cloth so they seem hidden, and hang A3 prints on white or cream-colored walls to make the room appear larger.

Maybe a nice rug too and some artistic knick-knacks that you love. Have some fun with decorative bowls, cute pen holders, or even a wastebasket shaped like something random. Perhaps, try to match the company colors! You can also hang some inspirational prints on the walls or, better yet paintings of classic works so that guests can admire them as they sit down.

As you go about your home office revamping project, we recommend that you try searching for home office wall arts that will help boost your productivity. Maybe something that sparks joy and excitement whenever you see them.


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