7 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following Today

Do not feel confused, if somebody keeps on telling you that in present-day reality following on social media platforms may be totally natural and organic. Since the idea of buying fake followers has been rooted into your brain and you believe that there is no other way than that. Yes, there is, actually. This article is going to dispel your belief system about the following practice on the platforms and help increase the numbers of yours.

Go for the right platforms 

You do not need to be on all the social media channels to promote your brand. As striking as it sounds, it is indeed true. Depending on what your brand mission is, and who the audience that will follow that mission, you can clearly see which channel to choose for major focus. Stopping to run-it-all will enable you with the once lacking energy to devote to refining the page and eventually entice more real people, coming voluntarily, with the new high-quality of the place to hang at. 

Design is a king

Design marketing campaigns have so much potential when it comes to attracting more visitors and converting them into your regulars. Unique design choices that fully align with the identity of your product or service, or you, yourself, are capable of catching the eye and making it linger on the page. It is quite OK and legit to opt for some content obtained from graphic design apps, like Vista Themes and other high-quality stuff, for your design to be spiced up. They will enhance your profile picture and provide you with tools and means to make your marketing campaigns stand out. Don’t torture yourself with designing elements from scratch if you don’t have a knack for this undertaking. Just help yourself with what is offered instead.

Bounty of content types

content writing

Of course, knowing your audience preferences, you aim at creating the content that satisfies their likes, and makes them come back, and brings the company along the way. However, the same thing may start feeling a bit bothersome, so make sure that the content you distribute comes in various shapes ( videos, pictures, text underpinned with graphics massively, etc.). 

Do not forget about incorporating humor, when it is a reasonable spot for it. A healthy chuckle evoked by something that you have mentioned on your page helps it to be liked, shared, and, honestly, expected more of that type. 

Appreciate user-generated content and encourage it to be happening. Your brand speaks for itself, quality-wise, and people want to talk about it, mention it, and show how their lives have become much more exciting. However, sometimes your audience may be plain shy, or not that generous when it comes to compliments, then make sure there is a bonus if a real customer shows real experience with your product and gets vocal about that. The audience tends to trust real customers and love to join the journey. 

Be a part of the community

This one encourages you to be a very active user of whatever platform you are utilizing for making your brand recognized and coveted. Mingle with your audience massively. Participate in the discussions, comment, be nice and intelligent, support, sympathize, be a real human being that belongs to the group, but not the one above it. Ask for some ideas, let the people feel meaningful in the brand growth and improvement, respect the opinion and be grateful for the feedback you get, both positive and negative. “One of the guys” approach ensures natural likability and the audience getting bigger.

Do cause

If there is a possibility to show support towards some great things happening in the local area or somewhere in the world, then do so. Standing for the world to become a better place attracts like-minded people and unites in the community. Imagine that community to be added to the one that you are already nurturing makes quite an impressive number of followers. Just, make sure you are genuine with your intention since the followers can spot the fake in a heartbeat. 

Be consistent 

Consistency may be defined as a perfect alignment of everything and everybody involved in the process of promoting the brand. Your social media page must reflect core values that are promoted by your brand. If for some reason your personal account, or words you use, or content you post does not correlate with how you pose your business, followers will leave, knowing that the authenticity and staying true to yourself and the brand are quite far from your reality.



Have them. Popular hashtags will bring in more people, who, due to the brilliance of your page, will want to prolong the experience of hearing from you.

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Not everything is about money when it comes to enhancing the following on social media. Of course, it is not bad when there is an extra dime to spend on paid ads, or getting the influencer to wear the cap. However, there are effective ways to attract people naturally. Just be sure to preach quality, kindness, and genuinity in every step you make. 

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