What Goes Into the Creation of Your Favorite Video Games and VR?

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating your favorite video or virtual reality games? Although the finished product is usually a seamless and exciting gaming experience, there are many more steps to game development than you might think.


video game development phase

The most critical stage of VR and video game creation is user testing. Each game or program goes through multiple rounds of video game testing to ensure every feature works as it should. Testing is extensive, time-consuming, but highly necessary.

User testing will highlight inconsistencies, design flaws, and control failures, making it easier to identify and correct each issue. It’ll also give real-world users a chance to test the game’s usability.

Choose a concept

Much like writing a story, a video or VR game needs a plot. A developer’s concept will be what the game is about, its mechanics, and user goals. Choosing a concept is a period of brainstorming essential to any game. 

Concept development is a crucial phase of video game development when teams throw out ideas for each feature. First, programmers and designers will identify what’s possible and what isn’t. Then, developers will be able to start the complete design process.

game marketing

Conduct research

All video games require extensive research. For example, developers will need to conduct market and user research to determine who their audience is and what they want. In addition, they’ll have to research any lore, history, or facts their game will include. 

Research allows designers to world-build more efficiently, which will directly affect whether a game is possible. If a game doesn’t have a robust, cohesive, and detailed world, the user experience will undoubtedly suffer.

Game building

After developers conduct their research and choose a concept, the fun part can begin. Now, it’s time to build their game’s framework. The beginning of the build can be slow and tedious. Still, developers have to cover each point thoroughly before moving forward.

Different games require different programs, languages, and engines to succeed. This phase is when developers or programmers begin scripting a game’s code to ensure the concept works. Then, they’ll go through the process of refining the idea and fixing flaws to ensure the game is perfect.


vr game promotion

After the long, arduous process of developing a game, companies have to begin marketing it. Most companies will start their campaigns long before the game is released. Doing so will garner excitement, increase preorders, and build brand awareness.

Effective marketing includes demos, prequel stories, or sneak peeks of certain aspects. As a gamer, you know how important it is to get a feel for a game before you purchase it. Developers put a lot of money into marketing to ensure each gamer is confident in their purchase. 

Wrapping up

As you can see, developers have complex phases they need to go through to build a successful game. Although it can be frustrating having to wait months or even years for a new game to release, patience is vital. 

When you allow developers the time to work the kinks out, you’re more likely to get a fun, smooth game than if they were to rush it out. 

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