Why Do You Need to Trust Your Server to VSYS Host

The confident hosting or server provider mixes top-tier quality service with transparent prices. Let’s tell you in detail what it means.

The tricks of dishonest competitors

Is it you who jump each time when seeing the cheap offer, e.g., a dedicated server with 10 Gbps capacity for $20, and begin to fill in the personal data to order it? But here comes the surprise. It depends on the imagination of the resource owner. There may be such outcomes:

  • You don’t get the required service, plus you lose your money;
  • The provider sends you another bill for the configuration listed on its website;
  • You get access to the resources, but there are embedded software to steal the personal data of your customers;
  • The following payment is much bigger than expected.

The latter outcome is partly true. It may happen when you renew the subscription after the pause. The reduced payment is your bonus. Then it auto refills at the regular price. But it may refill even after you stop using the service and inform the provider about it. Check the website – if it is working – that’s ok. But it’s much more unpleasant if you can’t access the provider’s homepage or your servers although the regular withdrawals.

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The next famous trick is when the providers guarantee the high uptime of your website, but in reality, your customers see 503 Service unavailable or 404 Not found errors most of the time. And oh, no! the support is unavailable. This manner is dishonest – take money for the annual package and disappear when the client is in trouble. Such a website leaves without customers. But if you use a GPU dedicated server for crypto mining, that will kill your investments in the full matter if the equipment is inactive for a very long time.

That happens because the provider has its headquarters in a region with unstable electricity generation or logistics, increasing the time of the substitute parts delivery to the data center. Or the operator ceased its business, but the site and accounts are still active.

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Choose the trusted provider

When you know the pitfalls of fake or dishonest providers, welcome to VSYS Host. We are a Ukrainian operator with servers in Ukraine and Netherlands. Despite the partial blackout in Ukraine and regular attacks, our team and electric suppliers work day and night to minimize the time of your websites and farms.

The Netherlands is a hub of intercontinental network connections. It gathers games enthusiasts and scientific and social projects. Local data centers consume more renewable energy to stop climate change.

Ukraine and Netherlands are loyal to cryptocurrencies. Indeed, you can choose the most comfortable type of payment: bank transfer, credit card, or Bitcoin wallet. Even if you don’t trust the crypto in the full matter, you can pay from your card or electronic wallet, and the cryptoprocessor does the rest.

Our prices are honest. They may be desperate or inaccessible for some customers, but they don’t contain hidden fees. If you have a limited budget, we can offer you the deals. They’re the servers of the past couple of years but are still effective. Dedicated server black fridays and Cyber Mondays are to your service too.

Call us and join the friendly club of VSYS Host customers. Our team is ready to accept all your concerns and configure the individual servers. We swear!

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