How to Choose Wireless Earbuds – Things to Consider Before Buying?

Nowadays, Earbuds are part of our life and everyone is fed up using wired earphones. So, they prefer wireless ones. There are various reasons why wired earphones are liked, some are extra care, looks, and many smartphones don’t come with a headphone jack.

As you know, listening to music is a great source of entertainment. Even, you can do this along with any task. However chaotic Earbuds can ruin your experience, so it is advisable to have good ones.

So, are you planning to buy new Earbuds? If yes, then this is a perfect guide for you to check each and every aspect of Earbuds that you should know.

People are much aware of truly Wireless Earbuds and their benefits over wired ones. They are very light weighted, affordable, and easy to use. Below are various factors that you should rely on to buy good and effective wireless Earbuds.

Make sure all the below points are checked before buying them.

  • Cost
  • Ear Tips
  • Battery Life
  • Control
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Charging Case
  • Volume
  • Design
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Compatibility


Wireless Earbuds

Price is an important factor to consider before buying anything. There are various cheap Earbuds in the market that pretends to be great. But unfortunately, they are nothing but a waste of money. The reason I said this is because, cheap Earbuds come with a low-quality chipset, old Bluetooth models, fast-draining battery. Furthermore, these types of Earbuds are unable to provide high-quality audio.

Whereas in quality Earbuds you don’t have to worry about these problems. So, you have to pay enough to get decent Earbuds.

Ear Tips

Ear tips of an Earbud play an important role in delivering good quality sound to your Ear. So, it is recommended to know which ear tip best suits you. You can figure this out with the help of existing Earbuds or earphones and changing its ear tip to find which ear tip is more comfortable for you. Make sure the size of the ear tip you choose doesn’t pain and properly fits in your ear. It should not drop when you run or exercise.

Battery Life

best Wireless Earbuds

The battery life of an Earbuds is an important specification worth noticing. The average battery life of wireless Earbuds is 4-5 hours. Charging of buds is done with the help of their case. When the power is used, there is a need to put Earbuds back in the charging case for recharge. However charging case itself requires charging and once it is fully charged, it can charge Earbuds 3-4 times.


Earpieces themselves have some buttons to control basic functions. New generation Earbuds are coming with AI technology that is touch-sensitive. Just by some taps you can change volume, change the track, pause/play, and call attending/declining. Controls are definitely worth having features in your Earbuds.

Noise Cancelling

choose Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds are evolving with time, nowadays the new feature noise cancelling is a bit common. Around 4-5 years back noise cancelling was not so popular. This feature allows you to avoid listening to disrupting noise from the surrounding. Hence, giving a seamless and smooth experience.

This feature is primarily liked by people who travel a lot.

Charging Case

Charging case is the case that stores Earbuds and recharges them. The case should be good-looking and must have a good battery backup. It must be capable of charging the Earbuds at least 2-3 times. Having a good case gives you ease to store the Earbuds. That ultimately decreases the chances of losing it.


Wireless Earbuds vs wired

Volume is a key aspect when it comes to buying wireless Earbuds. As everyone is buying this to listen to something. But, not all Earbuds are created the same way in terms of volume levels. Some Earbuds are capable of delivering enough sound with the volume level set at 50%, whereas some need to be turned up to the maximum to get the same sound.

Sweat Resistant

It would be better if you buy a sweat-resistant Earbud. While exercising the sweat that comes out of your body should not harm the internal mechanism of Earbuds.


The design of Earbuds should be less bulky look wise and attractive. The use of simple colors and cleanliness is better than a rainbow of colors, hence giving a luxurious look. The area for buttons should be specially designed for easy use.


Earbuds must be compatible with the device you want to connect. Most of the users will connect their earbuds with Android or IOS devices. With a vast variety of Bluetooth, you should have no problem connecting to them. Moreover, it just takes a few seconds to connect.

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Wrapping Up

Wireless Earphones are a good choice without the need to worry about wires. They are great for listening to music or exercising. As mentioned earlier that people are frustrated with wires so they are shifting towards wireless ones. Wireless earbuds offer flexibility and freedom. And it is best for people who travel a lot. The only limitation to wireless earbud is its battery life. Do follow the checklist before buying a pair.

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