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 There are so many amazing games that everyone can find something special for themselves. More and more new gaming studios are willing to conquer fans’ love. Anytime you get bored from a hard-working day you can chill and rest with your favorite game or test your luck by joining the 20Bet. We are going to share some latest information from the gaming world. 

Diablo 4

diablo 4

Diablo 4 is the game where everyone dies. Many people recently enjoy watching some talented and not-streamers who would play the game and die as many times as the public asks them to. Unfortunately for Diablo 4 streamer Quintin Crawford, his character’s death turned out to be far less heartbreaking than the most stupid.

Crawford, known on Twitch as ‘Quin’ or ‘Quin69’, is no stranger to the series. He’s the same streamer who removed the $15k Diablo Immortal gem out of desperation and then announced that he would no longer play the game. He loves to provoke controversy. His loud, provocative style certainly draws in certain audiences who are hoping to see his character’s premature end in a fireworks display of emotion.

The very moment of death is shrouded in mystery. Quin has reached level 91 and has been diligently traversing Diablo 4’s nightmarish dungeons to reach the final levels and get glyphs to upgrade his Diablo 4 paragon board. He completed the dungeon, took the loot, and teleported home. But his character never reached the goal.

Stuck on the loading screen, Quin exited and reloaded the game. And then it hovered in front of the screen. “Your character has been sent to the Hall of Fallen Heroes.” Perhaps this death is even worse than past nasty deaths in hardcore due to crashes or slow exits.


playing pc game

So what happened? One theory is related to the dungeon modifier, which causes it to periodically deal damage to characters when an object is nearby.

Even the safe sphere did not help. Presumably, during teleportation, the character is in an intermediate state and can receive damage from the modifier. Therefore, going through dungeons with modifiers on hardcore is highly discouraged. When starting hardcore mode next time, keep this in mind.

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Layers of Fear

layers of fears

Horror Layers of Fear has been released, and ElAnalistaDeBits has released a video on the ElAnalistaDeBits channel, the creator of which compared the game on various platforms: PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Overall, the game looks great on all platforms. On the Xbox Series S, the picture is a little weaker than on PC and other consoles, but it also looks good. Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC have almost identical high-quality textures, models, shadows, reflections, and more.

The creator of the video noted that the technologies on Unreal Engine 5 work perfectly in the game. According to the creator of the video, the team turned out to be a technically excellent game.

Layers of Fear is a collection of remakes that combines the original game, the sequel, and all released additions into one storyline. Players won’t have to go through the different games themselves to cover everything, because the compilation will help with this.

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