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Are you guys waiting for the next sequel of the supernatural movie, IT Chapter 3? I know you are as much excited as I am. You will be glad to know that your wait is turning over very soon.

The Third Chapter of the movie is going to be more horror than the previous Chapters of IT. The last two chapters were super hit in the horror film genre, that’s why the producers are now ready to invest in IT: Chapter 3.

Let’s grab the whole information about the movie, release date, expected plot, trailer, and what the actor and director are saying about the next sequel.

Will There Be an IT Chapter 3?

IT chapter 3

The story of IT: Chapter 1 and IT: Chapter 2 was based on one of the best-selling novels of Stephen King, IT. The name of the movie was kept the same as the novel.

The novel was so long that it was really relevant to break it into two parts of movie. With the end of IT: Chapter 2, the novel has also ended with the death of Pennywise.

Now there is no story left in the novel to show, but once Andy Muschietti, Director of IT movies indicated that he has more stories to tell.

Firstly there were no plans for the third sequel, but the huge demand of the audience is insisting the filmmakers for making IT: Chapter 3.

As both sequels of the movie were super hit. So, now filmmakers are planning for the third sequel of IT, but nothing has been revealed officially yet.

“Well, there’s no official update on the movie yet, but you will be notified here so keep a bookmark to this page.”

Youtube Has Hysterically Hyped a Fake Trailer for IT Chapter 3do check it too.

Release Date of IT Chapter 3

IT chapter 3

No exact date of release has been announced yet. The officials haven’t even decided that there should be an IT: Chapter 3 or not.

Looking at the history of IT sequels, the Second Chapter of IT was released after a period of 2 years of the First Sequel, so we might expect the third one in 2023 or 2024.

Here’s what Bill Skarsgard, the leading character of It: Chapter 2, has said about It: Chapter 3.

IT Chapter Three Plot

IT chapter 3

The story of It Chapter 1 and It Chapter 2 was based on the famous novel of Stephen King. The story of the novel ends with IT: Chapter 2, now in the new chapter you may watch the new story based on a similar crisis.

The plot and storyline are not revealed yet, but we can expect the story to revolve around the horrifying scenario created by Evil. Pennywise, is the dancing clown in the house of seven children in Maine. Hence the plot of chapter 3 will be as horrifying as the first two chapters.

Although it cannot be predicted as the novel has ended now and the story of the third sequel of the movie totally depends upon the director Andy Muschietti.

Cast/Characters of IT Chapter 3

IT chapter 3

As the IT: Chapter 2 ends, all the losers have also ended. Hence, it is expected that no one of them is going to reprise their roles in IT: Chapter 3.

We can only expect Bill Skarsgard, the leading character of previous sequels to come back in the next sequel. 

As the storyline is not confirmed yet, it is really difficult to predict who will cast IT: Chapter 3.

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Trailer of IT Chapter 3

There are rumors that a trailer for the movie has been released, but that trailer is not official. Therefore we cannot expect the third sequel of IT yet. Further updates will definitely be shared with you guys.

However, a video that claimed it to be IT Chapter 3 trailer has become popular nowadays. Below is that video, but it is unofficial.

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“Nothing has been officially declared yet, you will be updated here only after the confirmation. So bookmark this page now!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Review of the IT Chapter 3 Movie?

If there will be the third sequel of IT, then it will be a great mythological movie, it’s going to be fantastic and great horror for all of us. 

Is There Going to Be an It Chapter 3?

It can’t really be predicted as of now, whether there will be IT 3 or not.

How Long will be It Chapter 3?

There may be a possibility that IT chapter 3 will be 2 hours and 45 minutes longer.

Is Richie in love with Eddie?

Throughout the second sequel of the movie, it is clear that Richie is a Gay man and very attached to Eddie. From here, we can conclude that Riche is in love with is childhood friend Eddie.

What Is the Expected Release Date of IT Chapter 3?

If we have a look in the history that, how IT series premiered in past, then we observe a gap of two years between each sequel of IT series. So the IT chapter 3 is expected to release in-between year 2023-2024.

Final Verdict

Here’s everything about IT: Chapter 3. There is no confirmation of the movie yet, we can only hope for the next sequel. Now it’s the time for the release of the third chapter of IT, we hope it will release soon between 2023-2024.

I assume this article might help you to get the information you desire and if you want to get more information you can drop comments in the comment section.


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  2. Well I hope it’s in the future then. It arrives 27-30 years book vs movie time. I was 11 when the original movie came out and read the book so it was a super important fact. The original movie was in 1990. The second one part 1 was starting in 2017 when I was 37. So it really should be coming out with the first part around my kid’s time as adults to fight It.

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