Where is the Fire Station in GTA 5 – All Map Locations

Even though we’re receiving a PS5 and Xbox Series X update with unique content, Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online continue to garner more fans as it gains in popularity, which is nice to see since it means more people are enjoying this excellent game that isn’t showing its age due to Xbox Game Pass. So the queation arises where is the firestation in gta v?

Grand Theft Auto 5 isn’t exactly the most challenging game available. However, it does test players’ ability to think creatively on occasion. The Bureau Raid is one of the game’s main heists, and its preparation is one of the few times the player must use some strategic thought.

Fire Station in GTA 5

Players new to GTA 5 and GTA Online may be confused by the game’s more open mission structure, especially in the case of The Bureau Raid. This task allows players to complete the objective in various methods, but most players want to know where they can get a firetruck in the game.

When setting up the Bureau Raid, players that choose the Covert strategy will be entrusted with securing a Fire Truck as their means of escape. It’s conceivable that this strategy is a homage to the first Mission Impossible, in which Ethan Hunt’s team likewise infiltrates the CIA headquarters (IAA in GTA 5) and flees in a Fire Truck.

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In GTA Online, Where is the Fire Station?


Seven fire station sites in GTA V spread out around the area. Only four are in Blaine County; the others are in the Los Santos region. You can get a basic sense of where all the fire stations are by looking at the GTA 5 map below. Both GTA Online and GTA 5 share these locales.

1. Davis Fire Station

Davis Fire Station in gta 5

Located in Davis, Los Santos, the Davis Fire Station (or David Fire Department) is staffed by the Los Santos Fire Department in GTA V and GTA Online. You can find it if you go to Macdonald Street. This GTA 5 fire station inside is open and inviting, with various refueling hoses, boxes, lockers, logos, and badges. The station’s assortment of tools and machinery may be found at the leftmost corner of the building.

Two locked doors lead to different chambers within, and two fire poles not far away. Two of the station’s three garage spaces are always shown as accessible. Above the garages on the wall to the left is a sign advertising the Davis Fire Department.

The front facade is lined with an American flag. Over the doorways to two garages, there is an array of outside lights. A little distance from the back of the station, three garage doors are locked shut. A training tower with a ladder provides easy rear access to the station. The apartments on Macdonald Street and Carson Avenue have a back lane that leads to a mainly empty façade.

2. El Burro Heights Fire Station

El Burro Heights Fire Station in gta 5

El Burro Heights Fire Station is LSFD Station 7 in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, located in the eastern part of Los Santos. El Burro Heights’ Fire Station 7 can be found on Capital Boulevard, not far from its crossroads with El Rancho Boulevard in Los Santos. The whole of East Los Santos may make use of its services.

Located next to St. Fiacre Hospital, this massive building is among the biggest in the state. The fire engines are kept in a six-bay garage in the building’s central part, which is also two stories tall and has two fire poles for easy access from the upper floor. The remainder of the building consists of single-story office space. There is a training tower to the west of the buildings and a water tank to the east.

3. Fort Zancudo Fire Station

Fort Zancudo Fire Station in gta 5

As a Los Santos Fire Department station, the Fort Zancudo Fire Station can be found in Blaine County, Fort Zancudo, in both GTA V and GTA Online. You’ll find this fictional GTA 5 fire station within the real-life US Air Force base of Fort Zancudo. There are two control towers, three bays for fire trucks, two parking garages, and two satellites atop the building.

Pallet jacks, cardboard boxes, trash, and a strangely placed bike rack may all be seen outside the station. The military operates the GTA 5 Fort Zancudo fire station, which is there in case of an emergency. However, the station is seldom used; therefore, in the event of a fire at the building, no fire trucks will be sent.

4. Los Santos International Airport Fire Station

Los Santos International Airport Fire Station in gta 5

At the Los Santos International Airport, you’ll find the Los Santos Fire Department’s Los Santos International Airport Fire Station in GTA V and GTA Online. On the east side of the building are placards identifying the station as the “crash team” for LSIA. In contrast to the LS County Fire Department symbol, this is the only fire station in GTA 5 that includes the Los Santos Fire Department seal. The GTA 5 fire station is located inside the airport’s western gates in a large building.

Four shuttered doors in the single-story building’s appliance bay face south. The central part of the building seems to have two stories and three roller doors, none of which appear to go to the appliance bay. There are no home electronics anywhere close to the train stop.

5. Paleto Bay Fire Station

Paleto Bay Fire Station in gta 5

The Paleto Bay Fire Station is a Los Santos Fire Department fire station located in the town of Paleto Bay in Blaine County, San Andreas, and appears in both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is believed that Paleto Bay and the surrounding settlements are served by Blaine County Fire Station 1, located on Paleto Boulevard by the Sheriff’s Department. It is the most significant rural fire station in southern San Andreas.

6. Rockford Hills Fire Station

Rockford Hills Fire Station in gta 5

Located in Rockford Hills, Los Santos, the Rockford Hills Fire Station serves as a Los Santos Fire Department station in GTA V and GTA Online. The Rockford Hills fire station is a large facility with three bays; it can be found on the northwest corner of the municipal buildings, near the intersection of Rockford Drive and South Boulevard Del Perro. Nearby is the public library, which is part of the municipal building.

Those on duty may be waiting outside the station’s barred entrance, and a lone fire engine may materialize nearby. Those pedestrian entrances mean this is the headquarters of the Los Santos Fire Department. This firehouse, like the ones at Paleto Bay and LSIA, is inaccessible to the general public.

7. Sandy Shores Fire Station

Sandy Shores Fire Station in gta 5

The Sandy Shores Fire Station is a Los Santos County Fire Department station in the tiny desert community of Sandy Shores, featured in both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The Sandy Shores Medical Center is located nearby on Alhambra Drive. Everything about the structure gives off the impression that it is underfunded and underused, which is supported by the fact that the windows have been boarded up.

The absence of a fire engine, typical for a fire station, demonstrates that the Sandy Shores station is no longer necessary and is being closed down. However, the presence of fire workers waiting outside the side entrance suggests that the station may still be saved.

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This fire station in GTA V is also one of the most significant structures that GTA 5 has to offer in terms of fire stations. At the intersection of South Boulevard Del Perro and Rockford Drive is where you’ll find the Rockford Hills Fire Station in Grand Theft Auto 5. It is the headquarters of the Los Santos Fire Department and has three separate bays for emergency vehicles.

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