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Icy Veins has been widespread with Diablo 3 players for the past several seasons and has achieved a new height in almost every season so far. The game keeps upgrading its weapons every new season. For example, you must face the most devastating hordes of monsters the underworld can spit at you against the most durable armor, weapons, and skills you have. 

For several seasons in a row, the best team was Aegis of Valor or Heaven’s Fury Crusader. As a result, players are starting to wonder if the new Demon Hunter’s success in gaining the title of “King of Solos” will surpass the GoD Arrow Build Crusader? If you are going to brag about sole bragging rights, what construction should you use? 

In this article, we bring you a list of the top 10 Solo leaderboards, so you’ll know what Hunters stand out to make an informed decision when playing the game. 

Best Solo Builds in Icy Veins Diablo 3

  1. The pattern of justice or Tempest Rush Monk
  2. Legacy of Dreams or poison Scythe Necromancer
  3. Mundunugu’s Regalia and Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor
  4. Gears of the Dreadland
  5. Inna’s Mantra Monk
  6. Shadow’s Mantle or Impale Demon Hunter
  7. A Horde of the Ninety Savages or Frenzy Barbarian
  8. Aegis of valor and Heaven’s Fury Crusader
  9. Unhallowed Essence and Multishot Demon Hunter
  10. Wrath of the Wastes or Whirlwind Barbarian

The Pattern of Justice or Tempest Rush Monk

pattern of justice or Tempest Rush Monk

This build focuses on health and resource regeneration, giving Patterns of Justice Tempest Rush a fluid playstyle. You can help your damage output by boosting cooldown reductions. Solo play is achievable with this build.

Benefits to players using it:

  • This game generates 6000 lives per second.
  • During a storm, the spirit regenerates faster, and damage is reducing.
  • With sweep wind, all skill runes are activating.
  • There is a wide range of additional damage options for Crowd Control, and with this, players can get double the duration of pylon effects.

Legacy of Dreams or poison Scythe Necromancer 


Throughout the season, the first necromancer on this list underwent many changes. Amulet Simulacra without haunted vision drain an entity’s life force and duplicate a Grim Scythe instead of Skeletal Mage. The Poison Scythe builds some of the best-known trash collectors and one of the fastest solo builds. This build, centered around poison attacks and has few cooldown times, can be enjoyed by new players.

Benefits of this hunter:

  • Poison Buffs gave by Nayr with Black Death in Kanai’s Cube increase poison damage by 20% and last for 15 seconds.
  • Poison Scythes can throw Blood and Bone Simulacrums.
  • A Cursed Scythe’s Poison Damage can increase by 25% with Simplicity’s Strength.
  • Cursed Scythe gains a more significant attack speed when using Swift Harvesting.
  • Ice Climber boots grant immunity against freeze and immobilization.

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Mundunugu’s Regalia and Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor 


A Witch Doctor can play various roles thanks to the many spells to choose from paired with Mundunugu’s Regalia set.  For a powerful Spirit Barrage build, the attacks in this build are timed based on their cooldowns for optimal results.  A player with patience and skill can use this build to devastating effect in Solo.

Benefits to players from using it:

  • Mundunugu’s set increases your base damage by 260% and increases your Mana regeneration by about five times a second, thanks to the damage increase.
  • Barber Ceremonials change Spirit Barrage so that all enemies within 15 yards take 428% more damage when they receive damage from a target.
  • By combining it with Phantasm, Gazing Demise adds 120% damage to Spirit Barrage.
  • Captain Crimson’s set adds 6000 lives per second.
  • Multiple effects grant 1% maximum life regeneration per second.

Gears of the Dreadland


In Solo, you need to clear a 150. The King of Solo builds cannot match the GoD Arrow builds that are flooding the top 25 right now. Aside from being extremely fast and agile, this build is also compelling. Among my favorites, this build is a game-changer for Solo deals.

Benefits to players from using it:

  • Hungering Arrow’s GOD set gives quite a bit of damage bonus thanks to several pieces adding up to well over 10,000%.
  • Strafe also automatically shoots the last primary used.
  • Equilibrium between killing elites and trash is maintained using skills and weapon/armor effects.
  • You can use Odyssey’s end to enhance damage dealt with opponents snared by Entangling shot.
  • The 40% additional damage to enemies above 75% plus the above buffs will bring them to their knees.

Inna’s Mantra Monk


The Monk build that is doing well on the leaderboards focuses more on damage reduction and health generation, but it still deals even more with crowd control. As the season advances, this build will likely be supplanted by more aggressive and tanker builds.  

Benefits to players from using it:

  • The Mantra of Healing gains all four runes from Inna’s Mantra, so it adds life, boosts health generation, grants a shield, and reduces damage taken at low energy.
  • This addition increases life per second and decreases damage taken while adding energy per second.
  • As a bonus, Born’s Command adds life and increases experience by 20%.
  • You receive 12% health back from 12% damage prevented from the Star of Azkaranth in Kanai’s Cube.
  • This combination of Gogok of Swiftness and Illusory boots allows for rapid and unhindered movement on the battlefield.

Shadow’s Mantle or Impale Demon Hunter 


Using the complete Shadow’s mantle set, you can access all rune effects from Shadow Power, as well as boosted melee weapon damage and an impaling effect of 75,000%. Demon Hunters focus on the ability to identify and eliminate targets. Elite Hunting is the most effective way to use it. A skilled player can make it work solo, but it is not the best build for solo.

Benefits to players by using it:

  • Improved damage for Impale Knife damage increased and damage reduced for Elites.
  • If you remain still, you are taking reduced damage but dealing increased damage.
  • After using Impale, Vault is casting for free for 2 seconds.
  • Additionally, you can damage your enemies above 75% health.

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A Horde of the Ninety Savages or Frenzy Barbarian


The Barbarian build is among the top five on the list. Builds like this barbarian is efficient at taking downs. Barbarian’s tanky aggressive nature and shout buffs make this a solid solo build.

Benefits to players from using it:

  • With Ninety Savages’ set, shouts double cause damage to Feared, Frozen, and Stunned enemies.
  • Each stack of Frenzy deals 1000% more damage and reduces damage taken by 6%; stacks up to 10 times.
  • As a result, Mortick’s Brace grants you life per fury spent, a 50% reduction in damage taken, and increased damage dealt with every rune in your arsenal.
  • Additionally, the weapon damage of the Oathkeeper is increased by 179%. Frenzy takes on the effect of all runes.

Aegis of Valor and Heaven’s Fury Crusader


Although there have been continuing nerfs, The Heaven’s Fury Crusader remains king of the solos. There’s only one word to describe this build: TANK. It dishes out as much damage as it can handle. A stand-your-ground, destroy everything approach makes it an excellent Solo choice.

Benefits to players from using it

  • Heaven’s Fury and Fist of Heaven both receive increased damage of 20,000% each.
  • With Fists of Heaven, damage taken is reduced by 1% up to 50%.
  • Set 6000 of Captain Crimson gains life per second.
  • It takes twice as long to build a tower.
  • In addition to buffing Heaven’s Fury, Shield of Fury further damages enemies previously damaged by Heaven’s Fury 26%.

Unhallowed Essence and Multishot Demon Hunter


Current leaderboards are dominated by Demon Hunter builds. AoE skills are more important for this build than Shadow’s Impale, which relies on damage spread across many enemies. A playstyle that doesn’t kill Elites achieves effective results against all other types of enemies. It is, therefore, a very reputable Solo build as well.

Benefits to players from using it:

  • For long-range play, you will receive multiple damage boosts.
  • Spending and generating resources get a boost from damage.
  • The damage done by a multi-shot is more and faster.
  • Defeated enemies are also hit twice by the Multishot.
  • Damage-enhancing audience control affects slow opponents while enhancing ranged combat efficiency. 

Wrath of the Wastes or Whirlwind Barbarian


Combined with their clever weapon selection and the Wrath of the Wastes set, it is notorious for misusing leaderboards and demons. Play quickly, aggressively, and close to the action with this build. While enjoying solo play, “Whirlwind Barb” deals massive damage and does not flinch when battling with opponents with ferocity.

Benefits to players from using it:

  • Whirlwind damage is increased by 10,000% with the Wrath set.
  • Dust Devils are also attacked by Whirlwind, spinning out tornadoes with 180% weapon damage and healing 1% maximum life while avoiding critical hits.
  • Each rune affects Wrath of the Berserker.
  • Bulkathos set increases movement speed and attack by 45%.
  • Pylons will last twice as long with the flavor of Time.

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Wrapping Up

The above mentioned solo builds of Icy veins Diablo 3 are the top solo builds of the entire game. We hope you got all information regarding the best solo builds of Diablo 3 Icy Veins, if you find anything missing in this article, then do comment down below.

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