Cool Man Cave Ideas for the Perfect Ambience

If you are in the middle of planning your man cave, this is perfect timing, as we take a look at what is possible with today’s cool tech. It might be your recent loft conversion or a stand-alone modular unit, or even the spare room, whatever the style, here are some great ideas for your personal man cave space.

  • Flat TV screen – With the right TV wall mount, you can watch live sports anytime and from any part of the room. Smart solutions mean you can connect to the web and watch YouTube videos, your playlists can also be brought up, connect your laptop if you are working. Order a wall mount that tilts and turns, so you can multitask.
  • LED strips – LED lighting takes it to another level; get creative and change the ambience with a flick of a switch. Dimmer switches give you fine-tuning, which is great. If, for example, you have a classic car poster, why not surround the frame with small LED blues?
  • Pool table – A man cave isn’t complete without a 9ft pool table; Google can take you to Sydney suppliers and there are a few grades and options. You obviously want the complete works, with a full cue rack, overhead lighting, triangle and cleaning equipment. If you have a healthy budget, go upmarket and get a table that feels special.
  • Gaming corner – Of course, you will have a corner set aside for gaming; invest in a top-of-the-range gaming chair and a nice table for your desktop PC. Bluetooth tech allows for wireless noise-reduction over-the-ear headphones that immerse you in the gaming experience. That allows you to amp up the volume when racing a Porsche 911 Turbo around Silverstone, You do have to be considerate of others when playing music and noise-reduction headphones is a win-win. If you have a PS4, here is some charging advice.
  • Pinball machine – Highly addictive, a state-of-the-art pinball is actually a wise long-term investment. Google can take you to an Aussie supplier, who probably has some used units as well as new machines. Whatever style, it will be a long and rewarding journey to beat the highest score and if you want to save money, buy a version with money slots; the money you would accumulate in a year would probably be enough to acquire a cool devices or gadget for your man cave.
  • Waterwall – They are awesome, with LED lighting in the background; interior waterwalls can be place anywhere and there are no leaks; if you find the sound of running water calming, this is the perfect addition. Turn it on when you want to relax and listen to soft, soothing music.

The great thing about designing a man cave is you have carte blanche with your own personal space, so get creative and when you are done with work and the household chores, you can transport yourself into another world.

Jagrit Arora
Jagrit Arora

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