Halo Infinite Crashing PC: 6 Best Ways To Solve

Halo Infinite Crashing PC: Halo Infinite is one of the most popular games among today’s gamers, it was launched in 2020 and is part of the Halo game series. 

Halo Infinite Crashing PC

The game is set in the year 2560. The game continues from the point where the enemy contra has ended but the armed forces of the other enemy that is Banished have been ordered to attack the void and have been instructed to kill anyone who comes in between the mission. 

The team head, commander argyan has trained some of his new Spartans to face the force of banshid and even more dangerous enemies. 

The plot of the game seems interesting but the thing that is common with any game is that sometimes it may not run on some PCs or if it runs it crashes in between the gameplay. 

So today in this article we will be giving you some of the best ways to solve the problem of halo infinite crashing on pc and startups. 

We will be providing you with the 6 best ways to solve this problem so stay with us till the end, we are sure any one of the solutions will be helpful for you

Halo Infinite Crashing on Startup

halo infinite crashing on startup

Sometimes the halo infinite might start getting crashed before even starting the gameplay. 

So some of the main reasons behind the crashing on startup can be that your system might not be fulfilling the game’s system requirements.

We recommend you to first of all check if your system has all the game’s requirements. 

If the system requirements are not the problem of crashing on startup then maybe un-updated graphic drivers can be the reason for the problem. 

You can try updating the graphic drivers and we recommend you to update the windows of your system also because sometimes this can also be the problem for crashing. 

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6 Ways to Fix Halo infinite crashing on pc

how to fix

There can be many reasons for halo infinite crashing Pc, we will be going through every solution in detail and will fix this issue, we will be providing you with six solutions:

  1. Check System Requirements
  2. Update Graphics Drivers 
  3. Update Windows
  4. Run the game as an administrator
  5. Update Halo Infinite
  6. Close the game from background apps

Check if your system meets the game’s requirements

We recommend you check the system requirements for halo infinite because this is the major reason for crashing on startup and also in between the gameplay.

Because with low configurations you will be facing some lags or glitches in between the game.

The game requires a minimum of a 64-bit processor with windows 10 and memory of 8 GB RAM and 50 GB available space. 

We recommend you have 16 GB RAM for better performance without any glitches or lags in between which may disturb the gameplay.

Update your graphic drivers

It is always recommended to keep your graphic drivers up to date to run any software on the PC.

You can update your graphic drivers by following these steps:

  • Head to the settings of your system
  • Search for “Device Manager” in the search bar
  • Double click on the window which is opened to open it on Fullscreen
  • Select the graphic card and right-click it 
  • If there will be any updates available you will get the option of updating drivers

This is how you can update your graphic drivers, you have to restart your PC once you are done with updating.

Update the windows on your computer

update windows

Updating windows Operating systems will surely help in removing any of the glitches or lag you are facing with your system.

You can try updating the windows for running halo infinite in your system. 

You can update windows OS by following these steps:

  • Head to the settings 
  • Search for windows settings
  • Select the option of update and security 
  • Download and install updates if you see any
  • It will take 10-15 minutes for updating 
  • Restart the system once everything is done

So this is how you can update your Windows Operating systems

Run the game as an administrator

The problem of halo infinite crashing on PC can be solved by running the game as an administrator

run as administrator

To run halo infinite as an administrator follow these steps:

  • Go to the shortcut file of your halo infinite on your PC
  • Right-click the file
  • Now select the last or second last option of properties from the list-menu
  • Go to the compatibility tab in the properties option.
  • Select the check box “Run this program as an administrator”
  • Select the option of apply
  • Then click “OK”

So this was all about running halo infinite as an administrator

Update Halo Infinite

You can also update your halo infinite because you may be trying to find the flaws in your PC but the main problem is with the game, so you should update the game from steam first.

Follow these steps to update halo infinite on steam:

  • Go to the steam’s client website
  • Head to the library from there
  • You will find halo infinite in the left-sidebar menu
  • It will start searching for updates
  • If there will be any, allow the app to update
  • Restart your PC once you are done with the updating process

Close the game from background apps

update halo infinite

If the game is still crashing you can try closing the game from the background tabs.

For closing halo infinite from the background tabs follow the steps below:

  • Go to the windows setting or just simply press Windows + I
  • Go to the privacy section
  • From the left side, the menu click on background apps 
  • Scroll a little bit and find halo infinite
  • You will spot a toggle on the side of the game name
  • Turn off that toggle
  • Restart your system once done with the process

This is how you can close the game from background apps.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about how you can solve the problem of halo infinite crashing on startup or crashing while running.

We have provided you with six ways to solve the problem and we are sure that one of them will work for you.

You can have a look at our gaming category for more such posts.

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