Internet Insights: Exploring Online Trends and What We Browse More

It’s 2023, and we can’t do without the internet. It allows us to access information using just our phones or computers. It helps pass information more effectively and easily. The Pew Research Center reports that about 92% of US adults use the internet daily.

With such high internet usage, it’s natural to be curious about what most netizens browse online. Recognizing these trends can help you gain valuable insights into people’s interests and habits. This article will explore what internet users browse more and why certain online activities are so popular. 

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Crypto Gaming

Crypto Gaming

Crypto gaming is remarkably popular nowadays due to how it incorporates blockchain tech. Players like using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, to place bets. 

The global crypto-gambling market has grown significantly these past few years and is expected to reach $127 billion by 2027.

Players enjoy being able to play on an anonymous crypto casino, where they don’t need to give away any of their personal information. Instead, users can simply start playing and placing online bets securely and anonymously. Those who are wary of too much bank or government oversight turn to crypto for its decentralized features. 

In addition to this, crypto games have introduced new models like “play to earn,” where players can monetize their gaming sessions. This has given crypto gaming more attention because of the potential rewards players can enjoy. 



YouTube is the #1 most searched term online. It offers countless video and audio content across various interests. The platform has 2 billion users across several countries. 

YouTube’s algorithmic recommendation feature, which suggests new videos aligning with users’ tastes to keep them engaged, also drives the platform’s popularity. This personalized feed compels viewers to continue streaming more content, expanding YouTube’s user base. Features like auto-generated captions further increase accessibility and viewership.

While some users visit YouTube to learn practical skills, surveys indicate most engagement stems from entertainment, with around 65% of users streaming YouTube videos primarily for diversion. As the platform’s wealth of shareable viral videos and vlogs continues growing, YouTube may retain its far-reaching appeal for the foreseeable future.



Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994. It is an online shopping center that is now one of the biggest companies in the world. The company boasts 310 million customers worldwide. Amazon appeals to many internet users for several reasons.

Firstly, it offers shoppers convenience. Completing a shopping spree on Amazon is pretty easy. Just log into the website, browse goods from any section, input your address, and place your order. In addition, the wide selection of goods that Amazon offers also appeals to many online shoppers. You can get a second-hand laptop on Amazon or purchase baby products. The list is endless.

Restaurant Services

Restaurant Services

Ordering delivery from restaurants has hit the mainstream; more than half of U.S. consumers prefer third-party platforms for food orders. The convenience of browsing menus, customizing orders, and tracking delivery status all from an app perfectly caters to modern on-the-go lifestyles. 44% of Americans reported ordering repeat restaurant delivery weekly. The ease of accessibility has effectively made food delivery a habit for many.

Demand is also driven by access to variety, as diners enjoy exploring different cuisines. Local restaurants benefit from offering these online services as they enjoy increased exposure to more potential customers. As more regions expand service coverage and restaurants offer more delivery options, order totals will likely continue rising.



Artificial intelligence chatbots grabbed attention in late 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT, which garnered 100 million users faster than any app in history. What makes this AI so fascinating? ChatGPT mimics human conversation with an incredible degree of coherence and versatility.

With extreme responsiveness, the bot can explain concepts, answer questions, summarize texts, write essays, code programs, and more. It eliminates the need to search across sites or consult multiple articles. While not without limitations, ChatGPT’s conversational efficiency impresses even technophobes.

As AI capabilities accelerate, chatbots like ChatGPT foreshadow a future of seamless access to information and services through natural dialogue. While ethical concerns exist around societal impacts, ChatGPT represents a transformative innovation that will likely see increased integration into our digital lives.

From catching up on current events to binge-watching shows, shopping online, and spinning slot machines with crypto, internet users today have boundless options for how to spend time online. Streaming entertainment, social media connections, digital commerce, and interactive apps like ChatGPT will likely continue driving internet traffic and engagement. 

Our digital lives look vastly different from what we saw a decade ago—and innovative new platforms and immersive metaverse experiences will shape the next generation of what we browse. One thing stays constant: the internet offers something compelling for everyone looking to learn, play, create, engage, or explore.

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