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Fire Force Characters List – The Fire Force, running since 2015, is a Japanese shonen manga, Inspired by the genius created by the widely beloved Soul Eater, Atushi Okubo. Precisely the same style, action, and unique story that makes Okubo famous. Fire Force is also a story fighting with fire, whose character’s moves and abilities keep the audience hooked. 

In this article, you will get to know about the Best Fire Force Characters in the series.

What’s New in the Fire Force Manga Series?

characters in fire force

Radically, instinctive human flaming is authentic in this setting, and their enemies are firefighters. The mysterious is secondary to the distinct, freakish, and openly original characters that Fire Force has to appear, so let’s introduce the best of them.

We will tell you about those characters or say that in the central vision, whose performance has won the public’s hearts.

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Top Character in Fire Force: List

  • Charon
  • Haumea
  • Arthur Boyle
  • Sho Kusakabe
  • Iris
  • Vulcan Joseph
  • Benimaru Shinmon
  • Viktor Licht
  • Princess Hibana

Best Fire Force Characters

  • Charon, The Indestructible Fire Warrior

Charon fire force

Charon appears several times in association with Haumea, who has given Shinra a tough fight and forced him to give up as Shinra was too doubtful to throw anything at him. Charon speculates to be a second-generation pyrokinetic, capable of consuming the firepower of his enemies and throwing them at them.

Unfortunately, Charon is so powerful that he can not easily defeat it. Nevertheless, he has proven himself one tough pyrokinetic in combat.

  • Haumea, The Cackling Troublemaker

Haumea fire force

Haumea, a great character, covers her eyes with a metal mask, who gives tips to her comrades and is adept at defeating enemies.

This is because as soon as Haumea’s enemies’ sense that we have surrounded it, Haumea suddenly throws a ball of fire and kills his foe.

  • Arthur Boyle: One Trick Knight King

Arthur Boyle fire force

This character seems to be of the severe type initially, but later it started changing, which you know as Arthur “the one trick knight king“. Who is a third-gen pyrokinetic who uses heated plasma relatively like a lightsaber sword, making him stand out in all the precise ways?

Arthur is fascinated in a knightly persona and makes the battle marvelous. Arthur plays second to most of the Fire Force characters.

  • Sho Kusakabe

Sho Kusakabe fire force

Sho is Shinra’s younger brother, who has been lost in the house fire. Shinra was shocked to hear that the white-clad cult saved his brother, and they also trained him. The Kusakabe brothers are on the reverse side of the fight for the future of humanity.

Sho is adamant; he can cool the whole universe. Sho is a deadly swordsman and a firefighter.

  • Iris

iris fire force

Iris is a fully trained nun who can pray for the souls of the demons that the firefighters have permanently destroyed. Iris takes the soul to heaven through her prayer, and she never fights.

It’s an important job, and Iris does it with crisp professionalism. It’s the specialty that Iris is a perfect friend who feels nervous in the girls’ group, but she likes to be in a quality company.

  • Vulcan Joseph: The Mechanic Obsessed With Animals

Vulcan Joseph fire force

Vulcan is a fire brigade engineer and animal lover. The foundation of the fire force has been laid after a global disaster from fire. Vulcan’s family had a unique role in this knowledge as they passed on all species of lost animals.

That’s the main reason Vulcans are animal lovers. What drives them above the base is the power of their designs, their animal contraction patterns, and the fascination of their inventions.

  • Benimaru Shinmon

Benimaru Shinmon fire force

Benimaru Shinmon appears to be another example of the “Sulking Bad Boy” trope. Again, a character who seems pitiful and rude is compelling and is almost impossible to learn a lesson from. However, readers understand from his gesture that Shinmon is a reasonably relatable character.

He’s a powerhouse Ignition user with an oddly perfect disciple, yet he’s a worthy leader with many devoted followers. In addition, he is self-sacrificing, apologetic, kind, and aggressive.

  • Viktor Licht: The Wackjob Scientist

viktor licht fire force

Victor Licht and Vulcan both join lentils at the same time. He is the researcher of Brigade 8, which aims for the exact opposite. Despite this, is Victor inexplicably attractive? Instead, he is not even an ignition user and no firefighter.

Victor also serves as an intelligent, humorous relief. The Licht vignette is just one optimistic addition to Brigade 8 and is entirely devoted to solving the human eruption mystery.

  • Princess Hibana

Princess Hibana fire force

Hibana is not a princess but acts like a princess; she only sets foot on bowed subordinates to establish her place. She and Iris are becoming close because of their scientific oddity.

All of this drives her to study the Infernals ruthlessly, and she can use her impressive firepower every single leg.

Wrapping Up

So the firefighter series is terrific, in which there are different fire force characters; some like to play honestly and some for themselves. Each character has its unique role, which makes it special. So you also tell us which character you desired from the characters mentioned by us. 

We hope you find our post suitable and beneficial. Please tell us by commenting below. Also, if you like articles like this, then you can check our entertainment category here.

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