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Ghost of Tsushima – An Action-adventurous game of 2020 has taken the attention of all Game Freak, Yes I am talking about Ghost of Tsushima. The development of the game is done by Sucker Punch Productions and the publication of the game is done by Sony Interactive Entertainment – Wikipedia. The game primarily focuses on a Samurai, Jin Sakai to protect Tsushima Island.

In this article, you will get to know everything you need to know before buying or playing Ghost of Tsushima.

About the Game (Ghost of Tsushima)

The Ghost of Tsushima is a 2020 Action & Adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Production and published over the Internet by Sony Company. The game includes features such as Open World, in which players from Japan control a samurai Jin Sakai to protect Tsushima Island from the first Mongol invasion.


Ghost of Tsushima had first launched for PlayStation 4 on 17 July 2020, and its director will launch this game for PlayStation 5 on 20 August 2021. Ghost of Tsushima has come in players’ praise for its visuals and war.

General Information About Game

But where the game has garnered accolades, it has also faced criticism. It has faced criticism regarding Open World activities. Ghosts of Tsushima has garnered several award nominations and wins and has sold 6.5 million copies as of March 2021.

The Intact Portrayal of the Ghost of Tsushima

The Ghost of Tsushima map is a giant, which is not surprising since it has based on a real-world Japanese island in Japan. While Ghost of Tsushima Edition isn’t quite the size of its 274 square mile inspiration, it still has a vast game world to explore. 

There are three different regions that you can explore as the game progresses, with Izuhara, Toyotomi, and Kamigata providing a variety of climates and terrains.

Landscapes, enemy types, and densities all vary as the story takes you through this world, with variations and variations tied into the three-act structure of the primary campaign. You’re liberal to explore the unlocked areas if you would like to travel outside the most quest, but Tsushima Island is only part of the story. 

We help you with the picture shown below to understand the area of ​​Ghost of Tsushima better.


In this picture, the man is the ghost of Tsushima, who is a tall boy.

There are three main areas in the game – Izuhara, Toyotomi, and Kamigata – roughly the same distance from top to bottom – that are spaced more than a third, with the game starting to coast at the southernmost point.

Most of the progression then takes you up through the map, unlocking the following areas corresponding to the main acts of the story. The first two areas, Izuhara and Toyotomi, are the most densely packed with most of the game’s missions and activities. While Kamigata is a bit sparse, the campaign’s final climate provides more staging for the battles.

  • Tsushima:


It’s the most important and densely populated part of the map, with towns and settlements everywhere. It also has the most significant number of hot springs and temples that you can discover to improve the different attributes of the characters. Because you will be exploring here early in the story, you will mostly come across bandits as enemies. Once you leave, the Mongolian tribes will flood you. That is a temperate forest area with many different terrain and elevations to explore. 

  • Toyotama:

Image Map Credits:

Toyotama may be the most changed part of the map of “Soul of Tsushima.” That’s a flattering and wetter area with a lot of low-lying farmland and water. It is still a relatively busy part of the map, with only slightly fewer towns and bases than Izuhara.

However, since you unlocked the area during the escalation of the war with the Mongolian invaders, you need to deal with more enemies and occupied camps and locations that need to remain liberated. 

  • Shape of a God


The third and last area you unlocked, the shape of a god, is a rare frozen place. There are still villages, temples, and bases to discover enemy camps, but much less than in the first two areas.

It is, to a large extent, the scene of the final climax of the game. The combination of the attention to the story and the background makes it feel somewhat empty, although there are still some places to discover and campsites to attack.

Although snow and ice are powerful features, the terrain is almost a mixture of the first two areas, and the mountains become flat plains.

Who Are the Best Armors in Ghost of Tsushima?

Each one has its own unique and different gameplay style, just like every armor in Ghost of Tsushima has its power and mileage that you can upgrade over time. So we tell you about the six best Armor of Ghost of Tsushima, which you can select in your game and play as your identification. 

  • Ronin Attire Armor:


  1. Diminishes enemy detection velocity by 20%
  2. 30% upswing in chaos damage
  3. The foe will be slow to observe you after you leave the pampas grass hooked
  4. How to obtain it: Complete the primary storyline “Blood on the Grass” in Act 1.
  • Tadayori’s Armor:


  1. Boosts knocking and replenish speed by 30%
  2. Enhances total concentration-time by two seconds
  3. Headshots reclaim 50% concentration meter
  4. How to obtain it: Complete the “Legend of Tadayori” legend in Act 1.
  • Traveler’s Attire Armor:


  1. Track artifacts with Guiding Wind
  2. Journey clears up 30% more of the haze of war on the map
  3. The controller will vibrate within 60 meters of an artifact
  4. How to get there: Talk to the roadside merchant near Hiyoshi Springs at the beginning of Act 1.
  • Fundoshi Armor:


  1. Running and sprinting no longer create noise.
  2. How to get: Visit every Summer Spring on Tsushima Island.
  •  Samurai Clan Armor:


  1. Reduces all damage by a significant amount
  2. Huge increase in health
  3. Taking Damage Grant 30% Resolution
  4. How to get there: Talk to the armory in the Golden Temple during the first part of Lady Masako’s story.
  • Ghost Armor:


  1. Reduces enemy detection speed by 40%
  2. The number of kills required to enter Ghost Stance is increasing to 2.
  3. Kills have a 30% chance of scaring a nearby enemy.
  4. How to get there: Complete the main story “From the Dark” at the end of Act 2.

Unique Features in the Game Ghost of Tsushima


Ghost of Tsushima is an action and adventure game played from a third-person perspective. This game incorporates the feature of an open world, Inside which no route has shown on the HUD; it can instantly search without the wind’s guidance.

In this game, the leading player rides on a horse riding on which he roams or travels in every island area. Ghost of Tsushima has an arch that serves as a grappling hook, With the help of which you can reach difficult areas. The game features side quests and non-playable characters that the player can interact beside!

An in-game player uses a Tachi called a game katana, with the help of which the player engages in a confrontation with the enemy reaching the game standoff. The speed of this killer is originating from the number of enemies and the deadly attack against them. Capable of doing. Apart from this, the player also has a bow that can shoot all kinds of ghosts with arrows.

Moreover, using stealth allows foes to flee and hit them discreetly and use devices such as firecrackers to confuse, smoke bombs to alarm enemies, and kunai to kill numerous enemies. Does Side tasks include one-on-one battles with non-playable characters?

The facility has been provided for the players to unlock different sets of clothes and other attractive sets of their choice. Each group shown in it has different properties that benefit you in war.

There are also armors in the game that reduce combat damage, while others increase total health or melee damage. They will improve most armor and clothing sets by gathering resources or completing missions in the region.

These characteristics are only seen on body armor and clothes, whereas headgear and face wear is only for aesthetic purposes. Enchantments are objects gained via exploration that have additional effects on normal gameplay, such as lowering damage, decreasing opponent detection speed, or increasing the amount of health restored through healing.

The biggest challenge is that the player and the opponent inflict significant damage on one another in a more realistic way, with every non-boss struggle concluding in one or two successful slashes.

Legends, a multiplayer feature, was launched towards the end of 2020. Players can finish story objectives alongside another person based on Japanese mythology. Horde is also ready for parties of up to four people, with players fighting waves of monsters. One following the raid had introduced – the launching of Legends. 

From the Audiences, Perceptions Reviews – Ghost of Tsushima


As much as we have seen, most of the fantastic games stand on the shoulders of their predecessors. On the strength of these, they build their empire in the world of sports. Then, if we speak about the Tsushima Ghost and the open world, the major attraction in Japan was the island where the murderers fought the war.

If we say this game in a short description, then the Ghost of Tsushima is one of a kind. Fiction game that is brimming with action-adventure. Most of the top players are recommended you play this game once in a while. You indeed loved this game.

The game owes a tremendous amount to the game Assassin’s Creed in Ghost of Tsushima. In various ways, Ghost of Tsushima feels like an entry in that franchise set in Japan — just as fans have been longing for.

But it is unfair to portray Sucker Punch’s giant samurai epic as a copycat. By tapping into the samurai film tradition as we all know it, alongside Japanese art, history, and culture, Ghost of Tsushima finds a barely original tone within the gaming landscape.

In one exceptionally expansive adventure, players have treated a story about conflicting ideals of honor and revenge And one in which tense katana duets and quiet moments of reflection capture equal attention. As the progress of this game progresses, it gets exciting. Due to this, Ghost of Tsushima has achieved so much popularity in one year.

Soon You Can Play Ghost of Tsushima on Your PC!


When the game launched, the developers of the game found the game only for PlayStations. Because PlayStation is now making to tie up with PC, the makers and developers of the Ghost of Tsushima game are planning to release the game soon on the pc. Be prepared if you haven’t played this game yet so you can enjoy it on your PC

Are There Any Chances to Play Ghost of Tsushima on XBOX and XBOX ONE?


If you believe the studio will be developing the game and playing it at the studio, let’s say that nothing happens because if you produce the game, especially for Xbox and Sony, it’s difficult to cross-platform it.

We learned that Halo and Gears of War, best known only for Xbox games or Xbox gaming, have been produced by Microsoft Studios and have never been released for PS. Similarly, Sucker Punch Games, renowned only by the PlayStation for creating Ghost of Tsushima, develops. So now there is no chance of Ghost coming to Xbox or Xbox one from Tsushima!

Where to Buy Ghost of Tsushima?


Ghost of Tsushima is a popular game as well as in demand these days. Millions of players want to buy this game for their PS system. You will find this game very quickly in both online and offline stores.

This game has sword-based divided into three parts: war-torn Tsushima, ancient beauty endures, the rise of the Ghost, mud, blood, and steal. You can play it on any PlayStation from your PS to PS5. So you can buy Ghost of Tsushima from Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall, and many more online sites; furthermore, you can buy from the local market too. 

What Is Ghost of Tsushima System Requirements?

Ghost of Tsushima has become a top-rated game in a single year, and many players are playing this game, But if you haven’t played this game yet and are unaware of your system requirements for Ghost Tsushima, then we tell you exactly how much you need for this game. The complete information of which is given to you below.

Minimum System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 7

The Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K – 3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 – 3.5 GHz

Memory: 8 GB

The Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 2GB/ AMD Radeon R7 360 2GB

DirectX: 11

Maximum Storage: 60 GB

Referred System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 10

The Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K – 4.0 GHz / AMD Ryzen R5 1600 – 3.2 GHz

Maximum Memory: 16 GB

The Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB / AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB

DirectX: 12

Maximum Storage: 60 GB

Ghost of Tsushima Secrets

Last month’s best-seller “Soul of Tsushima” is all about the open world, fashion, and swordsmanship. The game also allows you to roam freely in three different areas, which have very hidden secrets. Ghost on the horse, here are many secrets, we will explain some to you. 

  1. Earn Mongolian Leader Gold Coins:


To defeat the leaders of the different Mongol camps, your Jin needs to open four directions for further attacks and earn points.

There is a way to get more than one stance point from each Mongol leader. Mongol leaders stealthily practice warfare techniques. If Jin goes to the training area, he can see the leader practicing.

 2. Monochrome Master Trophies:Monochrome-Master-Trophies

There are monochrome and awards, which have not been introduced in the game on unlocking them. Players have to buy both dye black and white merchant. The white can quickly locate a white dye merchant at the watchtower near Wander and in a tiny cave in Kawamata Village.

It hasn’t been soon discovered that there is the same black dye dealer. The initial task is to locate traders, acquire awards and buy items. Once an item has been purchased from both merchants, it will unlock the trophy.

  1. Kechi Fishing Village Hidden Altar:


The fishing village near Ketchie is one of the most difficult to find hidden Altars in the game. It isn’t easy to find because, unlike other properties, it is not in the settlement. Secret Altar is located in a river near Ketchie Fishing Hamlet, although it is still described as being in the village.

After that, you can find the secret Altar on the pier not far from the settlement. When Jin bowed in front of the Altar, there were shots of fish jumping out of the water. 

  1. The Daegu Trophy in Fallen Forge


The hidden trophy related to the game’s story is Daegu, Dirge of Fallen Forge. First, the player must find five singing crickets, which are usually found around unmarked graveyards in the game. After seeing them, Jin can now use his flute to blow the wailing of the storm.

Then, in the last part of the mission, “Acquisition in Blood”, Jin can groan in front of Taki’s grave. This action will unlock the hidden Dege of the Fallen Crucible Trophy. 

  1. Hidden Altar in Ketch Fishing Village


One of the most difficult to find hidden altars in the game is located near Ketch Fishing Village. It is not easy to find, and unlike most items, it is not found in the village.

Although it is mentioned in the fishing village of Keqi, the hidden Altar is by a river near the town. You can find the secret altar on the pier not far from the city. After Jin bowed to the altar, a fish would jump out of the water. The scene was spectacular. 

  1. The Traveler’s Equipment Has Been Used to Explore the Island


Although the Traveler Costume is easy to obtain for free after talking to any merchant after the game’s introduction, players may find it easier to find items and secrets. On the surface, clothing is the weakest armor in the game, but it has a host of enhancements to aid in-game exploration.

By wearing this armor, the player can rotate the wind guide after upgrading the traveler’s gear. It will show that the airflow is bringing the gin to the closest workpiece. If the artifact is within 30 meters of him, the robe will make the controller rumble automatically. Finally, they can upgrade their costumes to remove the fog of war during the mission.

Ghost of Tsushima Trailer

Below is the trailer of the game:


Ghost of Tsushima game In which an interesting story comes at every turn, this adventure-filled game has become the first choice of millions of people. So, we have given you complete information about the Ghost of Tsushima in this article. Also, there are many games like GTA 5, Resident Evil 4, Fortnite, Greedfall, FFXIV, and many more.

We hope this article has provided you with full details of the game, unique locations, main characters, requirements, and how you can buy this game. We hope you liked this article, do tell us about it in the comment section of our site

Frequently Asked Questions

How many endings do ghosts of Tsushima have?

There are two endings to Ghost of Tsushima.

A story of the Bushido procedure and a samurai’s honor, Ghost of Tsushima has two primary endings that evaluate the game’s divisiveness between the two paths, but getting the “good” ending may not be as straightforward as lovers might think. This post contains prominent spoilers for the end of Ghost of Tsushima.

Is Ghost of Tsushima worth buying PS4?

Ghost of Tsushima is something that’ll go down in history for having everything perfected. An authentic tribute to the end of the PS4 era. The chorus, the fiction, the gameplay, everything is remarkable. Just choose it; you will not be disappointed, definitely worthwhile.

How long is Ghost of Tsushima PS4?

Ghost of Tsushima is around 25 hours to play in a single time.

If you were to focus purely on completing Ghost of Tsushima’s main story, with minimal side activities to keep you topped up on experience and gear as you go, Ghost of Tsushima is around 25 hours long.

Is there a Ghost of Tsushima 2?

Ghost of Tsushima 2 is often expected to launch on the PlayStation 5. It’s challenging to mention whether Sony will prefer to release the sport on the PS4. As the game will likely release a long-time after the PS5’s launch, we imagine it will only make the mark for the next-gen console.

What is the true ending of Ghost of Tsushima?

The true ending of the game is Ghost of Tsushima’s Good Ending.

After defeating Lord Shimura—this is required for the sport to progress—he will request a warrior’s death. It means that Jin must either quickly end his life or spare him and walk off.

Is there any Secret Ending in Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima allows you to experience various missions in different ways, so yes there are secret endings in the game. This significantly extends the game’s length. Endings are already mentioned above.

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