Is Instagram Down Now? Yes it is says Meta Spokesperson

05 March 2024, 22:25 IST

Yes, meta apps including Facebook, Instagram and Messenger are currently not working because of service outage. But there are rumors spreading on WhatsApp that there is a strong cyber attack on Facebook. Facebook is asking for people’s ID login. Facebook has been logged out. In many countries around the world, there is a hacker attack on Facebook. Be alert and cautious.

However, as per the official X account of Meta Spokesperson the Meta team is working on the issue to get it resolved soon.

Many people are having problems using Facebook and Instagram today. These are very popular social media apps owned by a company called Meta. Lots of users cannot access their accounts on these apps right now.

The problem started around 21:00 IST. Over 90,000 people have reported issues with Facebook, and over 16,000 people have reported problems with Instagram. This is one of the biggest outages or service disruptions for Meta in recent years.

When users try to log in, they see error messages and cannot get into their accounts. We don’t know yet what is causing this widespread outage or disruption.

Since people cannot use Facebook or Instagram, they are posting about the problem on other apps like Twitter/X. Comments like “Facebook is down, can’t access my account” and “Everything at Meta is down” show how many users are affected.

In addition to Facebook and Instagram being down, Messenger and Threads are also not working properly due to this outage.

Over 300,000 reports about this issue have been made on a website called DownDetector that tracks outages. All the reports and complaints show this is a very serious and widespread problem impacting many Meta users.

Meta’s tech teams are working hard to fix the issue, but we don’t know yet when service will be restored. Users are advised to be patient and avoid changing passwords, as this is not a security threat but rather a service outage.

Meta will provide updates when the Facebook, Instagram and other services are working normally again after resolving this major disruption.

Instagram down

Why Can’t I Access My Instagram/Facebook Account?

Since Meta is down for an outage, currently people are not able to login into their Instagram or Facebook account. The engineers are working on it, and it is expected to get resolved soon. There is no need to panic in case it is happening to you, just wait for sometime and it will be fixed.

Moreover Meta Spokesperson Andy Stone already said on X platform, so meta team is aware of this outage. No worries it will be fixed soon.

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