Modern Warfare Installing Shaders: How To Fix The Issue

Modern Warfare Installing Shaders: Modern Warfare Call of Duty is a game that was manufactured by the team of infinity wizard.

The game was made for all devices be it Xbox, play station, or windows. 

It is a first-person perspective shooter game.

The announcement of the release of this game was done on 30th May in the year 2019.

The game was released for the players on the 25th of October in 2019.

This game became a huge success as over thirty million copies of Modern Warfare were sold.

It was the best-selling video game of the year 2020.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare came to be known as best selling from the Call of duty game series also.

People are facing the issue of Modern warfare installing shaders on its own and do you need to install them?

Today in this article we will be clearing all your doubts regarding  Modern warfare installing shaders.

What is installing shaders in modern warfare issue?

installing shaders

Players of Call of Duty Modern Warfare have been facing the issue of Call of Duty installing shaders on its own.

When the game is installed for the first time and then played it gets a pause between the game and the screen appears for installing shaders!

Players have reported the same problem but with some extra things like the game crashes and when re-opened it shows installing shaders 

The process of installing shaders in Call of duty modern warfare is divided into three major parts the first is single-player then multiplayer then the last is co-op.

The process of shaders installation in modern warfare is a very time taking and slow process which increases the chances of game crashes.

Sometimes the installation bar pauses in between and you have to cancel the process and restart it again.

Do I need to install shaders every time in modern warfare?

install shaders?

Shaders keeps installing because the new shaders which you will get after installing will be designed to run better on your device, or sometimes the file size of the shaders file is reduced.

How To Fix Installing shaders in modern warfare

on starting

So now we will be telling you how you can fix modern warfare by installing shaders on its own, you just have to follow the steps given below:

  • Open your game while the installation process is going on
  • Cancel the started installation process of shaders
  • Open your browser
  • Search for launcher on the browser 
  • Search for modern warfare and select the tab of options
  • You will find the option of scan and repair, select it
  • Now at last select the option to install the game

This process should have solved the problem but if you are still facing the issue, you can repeat the same process.

How to stop Installing shaders in modern warfare During Gameplay

Many players have reported that they are receiving the pop-up message of installing shaders in between the gameplay too. 

Lowering the video quality of the game can be a fix to this issue also, you can set your video quality of the game as medium or low we recommend you to set the video quality as low because there are high chances that you will still get the pop up on medium video quality.

There is no official fix for this issue, Activision has not issued it yet but lowering the video quality can be a fix for the time being.

But what if you are not willing to compromise your video quality settings?

We have another solution for you, follow the steps given below to fix the installation shaders in modern warfare during the gameplay:

  • Open your Modern warfare game
  • Head towards the campaign menu
  • You will get a pop-up click on “I understand”
  • Now you have to start the mission of stories
  • Now select the option of pausing the installation process of shaders
  • You can now go back to the video quality of your choice.

You are required to follow these steps every time you start your game because this is not a permanent fix for the problem it’s just a temporary solution to it. So we hope that Activision will release a permanent solution for this problem soon.


So this was all about how you can fix the issue of Modern Warfare installing shaders on its own, we covered almost everything related to the issue. We hope your issue was solved with the solutions provided.

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