How To Swim in GTA 5 | Step By Step Guide

It is a better choice to swim in GTA 5 sometimes because it will increase your stamina, breadth capacity and strength of the character. GTA 5 has been created and published by Rockstar North. The first version of GTA 5 had released in September 2013, since then it didn’t loose popularity among its players.

GTA 5 Swimming in Water

Steps to swim in gta 5

GTA 5 is a prominent and top-rated game. Young teenagers are so crazy about it that they forget what is happening around them. It’s a kind of addiction that can occur quickly to anyone, me too, and you will not doubt it. The most important thing about GTA 5 is its many thrills like car theft and being a complete jerk. 

After the third edition of GTA was released, we gamers had no idea that it included water bodies like blues. And diving into the water meant death! Regardless, diving is one of the crucial tools of the game in GTA 5. Whenever you play GTA 5, he can roam freely in the world and do explorations, which isn’t exciting! things you can experience anywhere through the game “Swim in water.”

Umm! Wonder how to swim in GTA 5? Yes, you read right! Players can now swim in GTA 5 rather than mislay control over their health slowly and drowning eventually. We will tell you the extensive details step by step so that you can relish the game. Michael dives into the water to protect himself. 

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How To Swim in GTA 5 PC/XBOX/PS

Step 1: Search for Waterbody

You have to find the right body first to get into the water! that will help you swim. You are playing like Michael, and practicing swimming in your backyard is feasible. It is not that difficult either because the world of GTA 5 has shrouded by water on all sides; you will get your body ready for a swim very quickly.

Step 2: Jump in the Water

gta 5 swimming

There are many difficult stages to face inside the game where you get stuck; jumping in the water helps you, it will also improve the health of your players, And it will help in recovery; I have experienced this myself while playing, you should also try it, It is very holistic. 

You can apply the SWAD keys to navigate your way in the water.

  • S – Backward. 
  • W – Forward. 
  • A – Left.
  • D –  Right.

Step 3: Attack while Swimming In GTA 5


According to earlier, as soon as your player used to freeze water, he used to die, but now the features of the game of GTA 5 have changed a lot, even if you touch you start swimming, you have to face many enemies like sharks, police, competitors etc.

Shift key on keyboard

For this, you can use weapons like you can equip the knife by pressing the L1 key (PS3/PS4), LB key (Xbox 360/Xbox One), or Tab key (PC). Then, with the knife decked, the strike by pressing the Circle key (PS3/PS4), B key (Xbox 360/Xbox One), or the R key (PC).

Tab key on keyboard

Step 4: Check your health

Rather than gradually losing health and ultimately drowning, players could now swim their way to protection to an available shore or snatch a boat from an unsuspecting. Next to your character’s health, there is a light blue gauge on the screen’s lower-left niche. It can show how long you can stay immersed in the water.

dive in gta 5

Swimming in GTA 5 can open up multiple things.

Additionally to swimming, staying underwater can help you endure extended durations. And that can give you enhanced speed.

You can equip hard and take fractions in many rivalries to become the best swimmer in Los Santos.     

Pressing the ‘W’ key, which is similar to running, will be needed for swimming. The ‘Shift’ key can speed up aspects. Contrarily, you will have got to press the ‘Space’ button for jumping.


Swimming in GTA 5 provides you with many advantages, such as It helps you scrutinize the underwater world. You can rejoice in the intense sea’s topography. It lets you partake in the swimming race. It protects you away from areas that have been patrolled when you are underwater. If you contemplate the discussed aspects, you may learn swimming in GTA 5, a child’s play!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we Swim in GTA 5?

By swimming in GTA5, the stamina, breadth capacity and strength of your character will increase. Increasing these stats will open your door to participate in Triathlons.

How to Swim faster In GTA 5?

To swim faster use sprint key (by default it is LShifit)

How to Scuba Dive in GTA 5 in PC?

Go to waterbody and press R1 key on keyword. In this way you will be able to scuba dive in GTA 5.

Are there any sharks in GTA 5?

Yes there are sharks in GTA 5, Infact they can destroy your boat or harm you as well. Sharks can come from anywhere as soon as you reached deep in water.

Is there any can which can go underwater?

Yes, in GTA 5 there is Ocelot Stromberg, which is one of the best car. Also it can fire missiles and can be operated underwater.

How to dive underwater?

To dive underwater press the couch key (by default it is LCtr+C).

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