Origin Won’t Open Solved | How to Fix Origin Not Opening Error

Are you having problems opening Origin on your PC? There is no need to worry! Many people are experiencing the same issue. Several users have reported the problem. You do not need the genius to fix this problem; you just need some good instructions. The solutions we’ve listed below should help you resolve this issue efficiently.

Back then, we purchased games for our computers on CDs or DVDs. There was a time when video gamers and people enjoyed playing video games on CDs and DVDs, and they claimed they owned them.

Many things have changed as time has progressed and technology advances. Today’s market offers us different devices to play games on other than computers. It allows us to play games more realistically than we can on our computers.

As with the Origin game, any new tech comes with its own set of problems, but that does not mean you cannot fix them as every situation does have a solution, so let’s go learn how to fix this problem.

What is the Origin?


The gaming industry is booming around the world, and many people are joining or becoming gaming enthusiasts, so there is a need for expanded services and platforms. Among the many benefits that enable online gaming is Origin. It is the product of Electronic Arts. Players can buy and play games using the Origin platform.

Among Origin’s library of games is a large selection that can assist you in choosing the games you want to play. Despite Origin being a massive gaming service, errors or bugs can occur, as they do with all other services.

The Origin application won’t open for some users. It can find an easy fix for the error. The steps to take to resolve it are provided below.

How to Fix the Origin Error?

It is entirely possible to solve this error without any difficulty. Several steps have been tested and are easy to follow. You can follow these steps, which will make Origin run smoothly.

  • Solution #1: Compatibility troubleshooter

If you run the compatibility troubleshooter, you will solve the “Origin Won’t Open” error message. To run the compatibility troubleshooter, follow the below steps. 

  • Using the right-click menu on your desktop, select the Origin shortcut.

  • Click the Properties button.
  • To view compatibility information, click the Compatibility tab.

  • Select Run Compatibility Troubleshooter from the menu.
  • Select Try Recommended Settings.

  • Rerunning the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter should fix it if it isn’t working.
  • Depending on the issues you face, choose the other option.

  • After adjusting the settings manually, hit OK when you finish if the issue persists.
  • Solution #2: Run a Clean Boot

If the troubleshooter is not helping you out, you can try this solution. For this, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • By pressing Win+R, you will open the run dialogue box.
  • Press the Enter key to type MSConfig.

  • The Services tab will appear.

  • Click the Disable All Microsoft Services checkbox and mark Hide All Microsoft Services.

  • Select the item and click Disable in Task Manager to disable a startup.

  • Click OK once you have returned to System Configuration.

  • It will now restart your PC.

  • Make sure the problem persists by rerunning Origin.
  • Solution #3: Delete Cache Files of the Origin

This solution is pretty tricky as compared to the previous answers. Here are the steps to delete the Origin cache file. 

  • Close the Origin program in the task manager. 

  • Click the Win+R key and type %programdata%, then press enter.

  • It should open the Origin Folder, and all files except the Local Content Folder are removed.

  • You can now rerun the origin client. 

  • Hopefully, it will fix the error. 

  • Solution #4: Delete Origin temporary files

As files by default are hidden, you should first unhide them to delete the Origin temporary files.

  • Click the Search icon and type folder in the search field. 
  • Then check the checkbox next to Hidden files in Advanced settings.
  • Win+R simultaneously, then type %AppData% and press Enter. 
  • Click on the Origins folder to open.
  • Solution #5: Install the latest windows updates

The issue may arise if you fail to install the latest update on your PC. You may remove the case by performing Windows updates on your PC. Here’s how. 

  • Type update using the Windows logo key on your keyboard. To open Windows Update, click Check for updates in the results list.

windows update

  • Windows will update when you click the updates.
  • Once Windows Update has finished, restart your PC. 
  • Solution #6: Reinstall origin

If all fixes above still do not work, it is time to uninstall Origin and reinstall it. Follow the stove below to reinstall Origin. 

  • You can open the Control Panel by searching for it.
  • Uninstall a program by clicking the Uninstall a program button.
  • You can uninstall Origin by right-clicking on its location.
  • Get the latest EA Origin software by visiting the Origin website.

You can solve the Origin error with the help of the point mentioned above, and now, if you want to fix the error on your Mac, here is the solution above. 

How to fix Origin Won’t Open in Mac OS

Those using macOS to fix “origin won’t open mac” will need to follow these steps.

Having trouble opening Origin on Mac

  • Install or uninstall The Origin App (Remove all files)
  • Start your computer again
  • Delete and reinstall the Origin application.

Wrapping Up

Many Origin users suffer from the issue that games aren’t opening. Fortunately, there are fixes for this problem. We hope you had success with our solutions. We are interested in knowing which steps helped you the most.

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