How to remove someone from an Instagram group chat

It has happened many times that whenever you try to expand your Instagram followers, random people like to make a group or some friends make a group to have a fun chat or spend some quality time with each other.

But making a group is and maintaining its consistency or handling every group is quite challenging for group admins. How many of you accidentally added someone to your Instagram group chat? How many of you find someone inactive in the group chat? It’s pretty annoying that you made a group, but inactive or unwanted members bother you. 


It’s probably best to remove these types of people from your group. There is a need to remove the inactive members of your group as they haven’t put any effort into making the chat discussion enjoyable. Many reasons may make it necessary to remove someone from the group chat. 

It doesn’t matter why you decide to remove them from the group, and you will be able to remove them if you wish to do so. It may be difficult for you to remove them from your group chat. Luckily, I’ll tell you how to remove inactive members from your group in this guide.

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Steps to Remove a person from an Instagram group

  1. Go to the group chat in the Instagram app.
  2. Select the group at the top by clicking on its name.
  3. There will then be a new page. Find the Members section by scrolling down the page.
  4. To remove a user from a group, locate the user.
  5. To see a user’s profile, click the three dots to the right of the profile picture.
  6. By clicking Remove, you can delete the user.

remove someone from an Instagram group chat

The user will no longer be part of the group chat upon deletion. Only group admins can remove a random person from a particular group.

remove someone from an Instagram group chat

No individual can remove a person from a group. You can add someone to the Instagram group, but the admin must approve them before becoming a part of the group. 

What You Need to Do on a Computer Or a PC To Remove Someone From a Group Chat on Instagram

  • On your browser, log into your Instagram account.
  • Go to the group chat.
  • To get information, tap the information icon on the right side of the chat window.
  • You can remove the user by finding it.
  • You can access the user’s profile by tapping the three dots.
  • Remove yourself from the group by tapping on the button.

What happens if you remove someone from an Instagram group chat

Having someone removed from a group chat will prevent both of them from sending messages in the group and seeing the messages of other group members. Even though users have been removed, they can still access the chat and see all the previous messages and updates.

The chat will contain a message letting the removed user know: (admin username removed username)

Removing a user from a chat will prevent them from responding to that conversation, and you can delete the discussion by tapping the Delete Chat tab at the bottom of the chat. Your Primary Chat will no longer display that conversation.

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Do I remove a member from an Instagram group if I’m not an admin?

As a non-administrator, you are unable to remove anyone from a group. You can remove people from group chats by contacting an administrator. Members can join the group without restrictions. Administrators are the only ones able to remove members from the group. The whole idea was to remove someone from a group chat on Instagram.

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