Can You Delete One Picture Out of Multiple on Instagram?

The Instagram app, which was launched in 2013, became popular among people over time. Instagram uses many features in its platform and makes variations as per demand by its users thus.

It is the only reason why people spend a lot of time on the Instagram app. Nonetheless, we have already told you that the app is updated regularly to add new filters, just as people get used to using those filters.

It includes features like multiple picture sharing, which lets you share multiple photos in your account simultaneously. Now, let us look at how this feature works. 

What Is the Multi-photo Sharing Feature?

In this feature of Instagram, you can share ten photos at once. Social media lovers have a great chance to share their life journey at once, so this is something worth taking advantage of in your Instagram journey. 

Can you delete one photo from multiple instagram photos

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Is It True That I Can Not Delete a Single With Its Features?

Instagram currently does not offer a way to remove a single photo from a multiple. Despite its popularity, this feature also has a defect: you cannot delete a single photo if you share a photo in your feed once through that feature. The following steps will show you how to remove a picture from a carousel post that you have already made.

Unfortunately, once you click the “share” button there isn’t a way to remove a single picture/image from multiple pics.

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What Is Another Way to Delete the Post?

You can remove the post from your carousel only by deleting the entire post and reposting it, removing the post you do not want including in your carousel.

As a result, this is the only option left if you cannot find a suitable image from among your multiple pictures. There is no other option but to delete the post and repost it, but doing so might not make any sense.

If you decide to remove the post, here is how you can accomplish it. By following these steps you can delete your photo:

  • You will need to go to the post that you want to delete.
  • The three dots are located on the upper-left side of the post.
  • The bottom of the screen will then show a pop-up menu.
  • Tap Delete when you are presented with the options.
  • By doing so, you will have your post deleted, and it will no longer appear in your feed.
  • As an alternative to deleting a post, you can archive it instead of deleting it if you just want it removed from your feed. If you wish to archive the post instead of deleting it, tap on Archive instead of Delete.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Photos can you share at once in a Instagram Post?

As of now you can share upto 10 images or videos at once on one Instagram post.

Can I add more pictures into an existing carousal post?

No, you cannot add more pictures into an existing Instagram post, rather you can add a new post instead.

Can the order of images be changed on Instagram post after publishing?

No, you cannot change the order of images on Instagram post after publishing, rather you can add a new post instead.

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Wrapping Up

If you publish a post on your Instagram profile containing more than one image, and after some time you realize to remove a pic from those multiple images. In this case, you cannot remove one image from all those. Either you can delete the post and publish a new one in this case.

Once Instagram launches this feature then you will be updated here, you can bookmark this article for future use. as well.

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