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The Resident Evil 4 game is like an addiction for the player, who does not like to fight with the enemy, save people. So resident Evil Providers have brought new chapters, new weapons in it regarding the addiction of players. 

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What’s New in the Game?

walkthrough of resident evil 4

Popular games keep on making small changes every day, but all the games mainly change the surrounding environment by repeating the same aspect. Resident Evil 4, released in 2015 and became a hit, its provider, made it clear that we will not repeat the story repeatedly. Keep this point above, and a new chapter has started by ending its old chapters. 

Leon Kennedy is all set to save the President’s daughter from Sandler, but he may need help in this. The Guide for Resident Evil 4 has a detailed walkthrough, like how many weapons you have and how to unlock the game’s bonus points, tips, and tricks.

In Resident Evil 4, Leon plays the role of S. Kennedy, a government agency similar to Resident Evil 2. In this, Kennedy has to save the kidnapped daughter of the President. Although the story of kidnap has happened in RE 2, this story is not like Spain. Let the Umbrella Corporation talk in the past, as with the zombies in previous games, and you’ll still have many people here.

How to Play Resident Evil 4?

First, you need a working set of sights and limited two-pointers (the game is playable with one but foresee many dying). First, put the fun into your Gamecube, PlayStation 2, PC, backward compatible PS3, or Wii. Before starting Resident Evil 4, you must understand some strategies to make you aware of, plans written below. 

General Strategies of the Game!!

Resident Evil 4 will require a lot of on-the-job training, And as such, you can refer to our walkthrough for some tried and true strategies That will cover individual situations. However, you can refer to this section for general tips. 

How Does Ammo Conservation Work?


Resident Evil 4, you don’t have to worry about accumulating ammo as in the previous title because your enemies can drop gunpowder on you after you die; whose quantity can also be high; you do not need to overthink it. Instead of weapons like your Broken Butterfly and TMP, they’re the ones you’re most likely to use during boss fights.

To conserve ammo during regular fights, you’ll be able to take advantage of Leon’s two more obscure properties, such as kicking an enemy further in this, So you will be able to strike them quickly with a knife. And even you, shoot them in the butt.

Making a successful headshot, most human enemies will stagger for a moment or two; If you run up to him and press the A button, or his stunning animation is playing, Leon will break loose with a devastating roundhouse kick. 

This kick will knock the enemy to the ground; Any other nearby enemies would also be dropped to the ground, or at least halted for a second, depending on how close they were.

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What Happens When We Use Chokepoints?

One thing players need to learn to be successful in Resident Evil 4 is positioning. In this, your enemies can attack you quickly. Because this time, instead of waiting for your arrival, he will be able to attack from behind and also from among the people.  He will be able to attack you as soon as you hit his target. The way to avoid this is to locate an obstacle or chokepoints and position yourself on the opposite side from your enemies.

Pay special attention to the doors engaged in the Re 4 walkthrough because your enemies can stand there or come from there; for this, always keep your position and checkpoint ready. Since the gonads door-opening animation is almost always the same, save for unique enemies such as Chainsaw Freak and Chaingunners; They will tap on the door, and as soon as they detonate the bomb, the doors open. It happens in the blink of an eye, so be careful.  

How to Deal With Tentacles?

After a few chapters, you’ll start running into plagas-infested gonads. Which cannot kill quickly; they will shoot a giant tentacle out of their head that looks like the seamier side of an anime shop. The speed of hitting their gunpowder will also rapidly, here we tell some easy solutions. 

The first rule is to keep a distance, and it doesn’t have to be challenging to accomplish because just as the tent rises, you’ll hear a distinctive sound and may be able to dislodge the ganados from their necks. It won’t damage until it reaches full size; however, most tentacles can attack from afar, so you’ll want to stay away from the gonads before this happens.

The second rule is that tentacles don’t like light. With this, you can automatically kill any tent creature with a flash grenade detonation. If you’ve managed to sprout a bunch of tentacles, flash grenades are a great way to tackle them all at once. 

The third rule is that, although tentacles look intimidating, they are less dangerous than ganados. They can’t move very fast, so you can move them by yourself as long as you have room for strategy.  They are still susceptible to the same gunpowder as their earthly zombie-like friends. The main trouble is when your tent is over the sore part of their body; This can cause them to wobble in unexpected ways, and sometimes they will move forward into a position where they will be able to attack you, even if you were out of range before. 

How to Rescue Ashley? 

The bulk of the game is watching the President’s daughter Ashley perform an escort as Leon attempts to escape the scary carnival that Sadler has managed to set up. You can give him only one command; Using the X button, you can toggle it between wait and follow mode. Switching between these methods is key to getting through those firefights without either of you dying. 

When you initiate a wait order, Ashley will stay till you call her. Doing so will keep her safe, but you still need to be careful, Because that’s the primary thought in many ganados/farmers/soldiers’ heads when they see Ashley. As they approach Ashley, they pick her up in a fireman’s car and drive out to the nearest area; Once this happens, the game will be over. 

Ashley can also hide in the dumpsters you pass, but these are pretty rare. But it can take out of it. You have to prepare yourself. And keep doing the work of avoiding and protecting from attacks by enemies; you have many weapons from which you can defend yourself.

Which Weapons Can You Use?

In Resident Evil 4, walkthrough, Leon can use multiple weapons to save the President’s daughter Ashley. We tell you below how to operate guns and their speed and capacity. 

Pistols in Resident Evil 4


Pistol ammo is the most used during the first four chapters of the game, and your pistol will never fire like a shotgun or as fast as your TMP; having a good balance of speed and accuracy in this will let you conserve ammo for your more powerful weapons until you need it.

Handguns in Resident Evil 4


Handguns are an essential weapon and help Leon in the game. Its speed and capacity are as follows:

Fire Power of Handguns

Rank 1-1.0

Rank 2-1.2

Rank 3-1.4

Rank 4-1.6

Rank 5-1.8

Rank 6-2.0

Firing Speed of Handguns

Rank 1-0.47

Rank 2-0.40

Rank 3-0.33

Reload Speed of Handguns

Rank: 1 1.73

Rank: 2 1.47

Rank: 3 0.87

Capacity of Handguns

Rank: 1 10

Rank: 2 13

Rank: 3 16

Rank: 4 19

Rank: 5 22

Rank: 6 25

Exclusive: Weapon gets five times the chance to strike a critical headshot.

Punisher in Resident Evil 4


The Punisher will be one of the few weapons you can get for free during the game. Speed ​​and capacity of this weapon. 

The firepower of Punisher in Resident Evil 4

Rank: 1 0.9

Rank: 2 1.1

Rank: 3 1.3

Rank: 4 1.5

Rank: 5 1.7

Rank: 6 1.9

Firing Speed of Punisher

Rank: 1 0.47

Rank: 2 0.40

Rank: 3 0.33

Reloading Speed of Punisher

Rank: 1 1.70

Rank: 2 1.47

Rank: 3 0.83

Capacity of Punisher

Rank: 1 10

Rank: 2 13

Rank: 3 16

Rank: 4 20

Rank: 5 24

Rank: 6 28

Exclusive: Shots from the Punisher will penetrate up to five bodies.

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Red9 in Resident Evil 4


Red9 you can buy from anyone in the game, and this weapon will benefit you a lot in the fight

Firepower of Red9

Rank: 1 1.4

Rank: 2 1.7

Rank: 3 2.0

Rank: 4 2.4

Rank: 5 2.8

Rank: 6 3.5

Firing Speed of Red9

Rank: 1 0.53

Rank: 2 0.47

Rank: 3 0.40

Reloading Speed  of Red9

Rank: 1 2.37

Rank: 2 2.20

Rank: 3 1.67

Capacity of Red9

Rank: 1 8

Rank: 2 10

Rank: 3 12

Rank: 4 15

Rank: 5 18

Exclusive: Increases the firepower to 5.0

Blacktail in Resident Evil 4


You will also have to buy this weapon like Red. Its specialty is a much more rounded gun overall. Reload speed is indiscriminately fast, especially after a few upgrades.

Inventory Spaces Required: 3×2

Firepower of Blacktail

Rank: 1 1.6

Rank: 2 1.8

Rank: 3 2.0

Rank: 4 2.3

Rank: 5 2.7

Rank: 6 3.0

Firing Speed of Blacktail

Rank: 1 0.47

Rank: 2 0.40

Rank: 3 0.27

Reloading Speed of Blacktail

Rank: 1 1.70

Rank: 2 1.47

Rank: 3 0.83

Capacity of Blacktail

Rank: 1 15

Rank: 2 18

Rank: 3 21

Rank: 4 25

Rank: 5 30

Rank: 6 35

Exclusive: Increases firepower to 3.4.

Matilda in Resident Evil 4


It is a weapon that is unlocked as soon as the first game has been completed.

Inventory Spaces Required: 3×2

Firepower of Matilda

Rank: 1 1.0

Rank: 2 1.2

Rank: 3 1.4

Rank: 4 1.6

Rank: 5 1.8

Rank: 6 2.0

Firing Speed of Matilda

Rank: 1 0.47

Reloading Speed of Matilda

Rank: 1 1.73

Rank: 2 1.47

Rank: 3 0.87

Capacity of Matilda

Rank: 1 15

Rank: 2 18

Rank: 3 21

Rank: 4 24

Rank: 5 27

Rank: 6 30

Exclusive: Increases ammo capacity up to 100 rounds.

Broken Butterfly in Resident Evil 4


Broken Butterfly is going to be your boss-killer. You’ll find one for free at the beginning of Chapters 4-1, and it’ll be perfect for you.

Inventory Spaces Required: 4×2

The firepower of Broken Butterfly 

Rank: 1 13.0

Rank: 2 15.0

Rank: 3 17.0

Rank: 4 20.0

Rank: 5 24.0

Rank: 6 28.0

Firing Speed of Broken Butterfly 

(The firing speed of the Butterfly can not be upgraded.)

Rank: 1 0.70

Reloading Speed of Broken Butterfly 

Rank: 1 3.67

Rank: 2 3.00

Rank: 3 2.33

The capacity of Broken Butterfly

Rank: 1 6

Rank: 2 8

Rank: 3 10

Rank: 4 12

Exclusive: Increases firepower to 50.0 (Omgwtf Pwned!)

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KillerSeven in Resident Evil 4


KillerSeven is a luxury weapon that you can get only after completing some essential parts of the game.

Inventory Spaces Required: 4×2

Firepower of KillerSeven

Rank: 1 25.0

Rank: 2 30.0

Rank: 3 35.0

Firing Speed of KillerSeven

Rank: 1 0.70

Reloading Speed of KillerSeven

Rank: 1 1.83

Rank: 2 1.53

Rank: 3 0.93

Capacity of KillerSeven

Rank: 1 7

Rank: 2 10

Rank: 3 14

ShotGuns in Resident Evil 4


Shotguns are your crowd control weapon or are used against single powerful enemies at close range. They’re perfect for dealing with up to a dozen enemies.

Inventory Spaces Required: 8×2

Firepower of Shotguns

Rank: 1 4.0

Rank: 2 4.5

Rank: 3 5.0

Rank: 4 6.0

Rank: 5 7.0

Rank: 6 8.0

Firing Speed of Shotguns

Rank: 1 1.53

Reloading Speed of Shotguns

Rank: 1 3.03

Rank: 2 2.43

Rank: 3 1.50

Capacity of Shotguns

Rank: 1 6

Rank: 2 8

Rank: 3 10

Rank: 4 12

Rank: 5 15

Rank: 6 18

Exclusive: Enables the Shotgun to deal extra damage against distant foes.

RiotGuns in Resident Evil 4


The riot gun is a relatively minor improvement over the shotgun. It seems to have a tight dispersion, but beyond that, the gains in firepower and ammo capacity are minimal. 

Inventory Spaces Required: 8×2

Firepower of Riotguns

Rank: 1 5.0

Rank: 2 5.5

Rank: 3 6.0

Rank: 4 6.5

Rank: 5 7.0

Rank: 6 8.0

Firing Speed of Riotguns

Rank: 1 1.53

Reloading Speed of Riotguns

Rank: 1 3.03

Rank: 2 2.43

Rank: 3 1.50

Capacity of Riotguns

Rank: 1 7

Rank: 2 9

Rank: 3 11

Rank: 4 13

Rank: 5 15

Rank: 6 17

Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 10.0.

Striker in Resident Evil 4


The Striker – Sounds like a car from Grand Theft Auto or something. It gives many advantages in favor of the ultimate shotgun in the game over other guns. It will take up the entire six fewer blocks of the attachable case, so you can carry three more first aid sprays, grenades, ammo containers, or what have you. 

Inventory Spaces Required: 5×2

Firepower of Striker

Rank: 1 6.0

Rank: 2 7.0

Rank: 3 8.0

Rank: 4 9.0

Rank: 5 10.0

Rank: 6 12.0

Firing Speed of Striker

Rank: 1 0.73

Reloading Speed of Striker

Rank: 1 3.00

Rank: 2 2.4

Rank: 3 1.5

Capacity of Striker

Rank: 1 12

Rank: 2 14

Rank: 3 16

Rank: 4 20

Rank: 5 24

Rank: 6 28

Exclusive: Increases maximum ammo capacity to 100 rounds.

Rifles in Resident Evil 4


Rifles are not much better in the game because in the game, you have to kill the enemy from a distance, and these guns take time to make a point. But once it makes a raid point, it can kill the enemy in one go. 

Inventory Spaces Required: 9×1

Firepower of Rifles

Rank: 1 4.0

Rank: 2 5.0

Rank: 3 6.0

Rank: 4 8.0

Rank: 5 10.0

Rank: 6 12.0

Firing Speed of Rifles

Rank: 1, 0.67

(This is what the game lists, but it seems a bit longer)

Reloading Speed of Rifles

Rank: 1 4.00

Rank: 2 3.23

Rank: 3 2.33

Capacity of Rifles

Rank: 1 5

Rank: 2 7

Rank: 3 9

Rank: 4 12

Rank: 5 15

Rank: 6 18

Exclusive: Increases firepower to 18.0.

Full Walkthrough of Resident Evil 4

You can watch each mission in resident evil 4 in the video given below.


Resident Evil 4 The game is very exciting, it has all kinds of thrillers and fights available. There is no doubt that you are going to enjoy this game a lot. In this blog, we have told you about some essential parts and weapons of the game which will help you in the game.

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