Smartphone Dropped Into the Water: What to Do and How to Save It

No modern smartphone, even with a high level of water protection, isn’t immune to water, and warranty repair usually doesn’t cover failures associated with the ingress of liquid inside the device. Here’s how to save a drowned smartphone.

What to Do First

Smartphone Dropped Into the Water_ What to do and how to dry it off

Turn off the Smartphone and Don’t Turn It on

The sooner you do this, the less the insides of your smartphone will be exposed to electrical corrosion due to moisture and electricity. Even if the phone is not heavily soaked and you can even enter your 22Bet login or call friends, still turn it off and do all the following procedures.

If your phone is turned off after being submerged in water, do not turn it on. This could kill your device. Don’t shake it, don’t press all the buttons in a row. Calm down and follow our instructions.

Remove All Covers and Accessories

There’s probably water underneath them. And this moisture is sure to get inside your device if you don’t hurry to undress your smartphone as quickly as possible. So quickly remove covers, cases, stickers and protective films.

Remove the Battery and Open All the Plugs

If your smartphone has a removable battery, then you will urgently need to remove the back cover and remove the battery to the outside. But most modern devices have a non-removable battery, and the smartphone body is non-detachable. In that case, open all the covers, remove the SIM card and the flash drive. This is done so that the phone will dry faster, and the cards will not be damaged by prolonged contact with water.

Experienced users can try to disassemble the smartphone at home, the Internet is full of instructions. To find them, type the phone model and the word “disassemble” into Google or YouTube. But it is better not to disassemble the device if you are not confident in your abilities. So do it at your own risk. Scared? Then take your smartphone to the service center. They are familiar with this problem and know how to solve it quickly.

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How to Dry Your Smartphone and What Methods Are Contraindicated

How to Dry Your Smartphone

The first thing you should do is to wipe your gadget with a cloth or paper towel, which absorbs the liquid well. This will rid the surface of the device of moisture that you may not have noticed or missed.

Next, experts usually advise placing the smartphone in a bowl of rice to dry the gadget. Drying with rice is a method that works quite well. This cereal is really good at absorbing moisture, so it has saved many gadgets.

What you should never do is put the phone on the battery. Otherwise you will burn all the insides of it. Similarly: drying with a hair dryer, drying in the microwave, direct sunlight. These methods should be avoided as well.

It’s not worth pouring alcohol on the phone in the hope that it will wick away all the moisture. This can damage the internal components, which are held in place by glue or rubber gaskets. The maximum you can wipe with alcohol are the plugs and card holders.

It’s best to take the phone to a well-ventilated cool dark place. Not the fridge! Instead of rice you can use silica gel – those same bags from shoe boxes. An alternative is also cat litter, which is a great absorbent.

In this form, it’s worth leaving your smartphone for a couple of days: experts recommend drying the phone at least 48 hours and only then turning it on. If you did everything according to the instructions, then the chances for salvation are great. However, even a completely dried phone can work incorrectly.

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