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Screenwriting is a challenging task because, besides characters, you have to think about all the plot details. However, this activity can become as simple as looking for 20Bet Esports betting odds. The only thing to do is to select the right program. These are the most user-friendly options.

Final Draft

Final Draft scripting software has been around since 1990. Completed with all text editing commands with scripts, capable of formatting content to meet industry standards. Optimized for the creation of screenplays, graphic novels, comics, and TV series. Bright color code technology is implemented for ease of use and better visualization.

Here are the main features of Final Draft:

  • Night mode for better contrast and leveling out distractions.
  • Dialogue flipping from cards to script.
  • Dictation for voice completion.
  • Import files for simplified reformatting.
  • Adding fonts to work in the desired language via the Fonts tab.
  • Watermarks for intelligent script protection.

Writer Duet


Writer Duet was created in 2013. This program is optimized for the collaborative work of multiple writers.

It supports the practical technology of correctly dividing online work among co-authors by selecting an administrator with the right to distribute permissions and editing rights.

Script formatting software supports saving projects to a proprietary cloud. Developed with the participation of Simon Haynes, the famous author of science fiction novels, who tested the software for usability and suitability for authoring.

Here are the main features of Writer Duet:

  • Autosave edits.
  • Offline mode.
  • Tag filtering.
  • Export from any given point.
  • Switching from online to offline mode.
  • Scripting with highlighting.
  • Automatic and standard formatting.
  • Miscellaneous statistics output.

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Fade In

Fade In was developed in 2011 by GCC Productions with the active participation of screenwriter Kent Tessman.

Provides full-screen work with maps. Offers convenient creation of PDF packages marked with watermarks.

Program for writing the script Fade In – unpretentious, reliable software with modest system requirements. It allows several authors to work together.

Fade In features include:

  • Automatic script formatting to meet industry standards.
  • Virtual catalogue cards.
  • Previewing scenes in a separate window.
  • Saving dialog alternatives.
  • Color-coded bit board.
  • Selection of all dialog of a particular character.


Celtx is a multifunctional scripting environment with detailed visual storyboards, descriptions of plans, environments, locations, and characters.

This program has been actively developed since 2013, when Celtx Studio made a bet on the “cloud” format. Ready-made templates simplify both the creation of the script and the preparation of the filming process.

Here is the basic functionality of Celtx:

  • Drawing illustrations.
  • Creating storyboards with captions.
  • Refining the sketches in Photoshop, saving the changes in the script program.
  • Specifying timing.
  • Making up call sheets.
  • Collaboration with co-authors in the cloud.
  • Library of graphic symbols for making notes.
  • Animation playback.
  • Collaborate on projects.
  • Novel editor.

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Highland 2

Highland 2 is an innovative software for writers with an expressive design, smart interface, automatic autosave and simplified text input. It has been actively developing since 2017 as a free competitor to Fade In and Final Draft.

It provides color coding for changes made. Optimized for installation on macOS. The latest updates allow you to get all the functionality for easy scripting of any size for free.

Key features of Highland 2:

  • Universal formatting of created documents that can be viewed with standard text editors.
  • Intelligent algorithm for autocomplete texts.
  • Full-screen mode.
  • Gender analysis.
  • Comfortable navigator with a road map of scenes, notes, sections, characters.


Trelby is a well-designed app for simplified scripting. It has a wide list of user settings. This program was developed in 2003 but has been actively promoted since 2011. Provides regular refinements due to the opinions of users who leave wishes in the blog on the official site.

Trelby is open source and distributed free of charge. Complemented by an algorithm to automatically support script formatting to improve the efficiency of writing a story from beginning to end.

Here are the features of Trelby:

  • Script editor provides correct script formatting and page numbering, automatic completion, and spell check.
  • Multi-platform. The program behaves the same on all platforms, generating the same output.
  • Choice of view. Several views are available, including draft, WYSIWYG mode, and full screen mode to suit your writing style.

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