What is USTVGO and Is It Legal? Everything You Need to Know – Guide

If you search the internet for free live streaming services, you will come across numerous websites claiming that they provide the most fantastic live TV streaming. However, the majority of these websites are full of spam advertisements.

People that are aware of it have been using the website USTVGO for a considerable amount of time since it is quite an old one. This website provides free live streaming services, and no spam advertisements are shown anywhere on the internet. The user interface is the primary factor in determining whether or not a user will remain on a particular website.

I must admit that the user experience of the USTVGO website is immaculate and straightforward to navigate. USTVGO, in contrast to the majority of streaming services, has a minimal amount of advertising. They have more than 83 channels on their website, each of which functions quite well.

They provide a wide variety of major media, including Hallmark, ABC, AMC, FOX, HBO, ESPN, Discovery, and many more.

USTVGO is a free streaming service that offers approximately one hundred live TV channels. It is one of the most excellent options for those who cut their cable or satellite television cords. It provides channels in various categories, such as news, sports, entertainment, kids’ programming, etc.

Even registration or sign-up is not required to use this website. Simply going to the website and streaming the information is all you require. It is on the list of the most well-liked IPTVs. [Citation needed] A comprehensive analysis of USTVGO is what we need right now.

Is it legal to Watch USTVGO?


In terms of legality, USTVGO does not qualify as a legitimate service. It is not a reliable platform for streaming media content. There is no cost associated with accessing any of the material, and no license or permission from the proprietors is required. In addition to that, you may view a variety of paid channels.

Therefore, it would be incorrect to state that this IPTV service is acceptable. The website can lose all its material at any moment and location. Numerous legal concerns may arise.

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Steps to Watch USTVGO for Free

As long as your device has access to a web browser, you can watch USTVGO.

  • Open the web browser of your choice on your device.
  • Visit the USTVGO website.
  • Select the streaming channel you wish to use.
  • To stream a channel, click its name and then press the Play button.

Why is a VPN Required for USTVGO?

The website is illegal and contains various pirated material, as previously stated. Your IP address will be hidden from hackers and trackers if you use a VPN. Yes, your ISP or the government will trace every piece of material you watch on a gadget.

You may use a VPN to maintain your anonymity and privacy. Additionally, a select number of channels are exclusively accessible in certain nations. You could wish to utilize a VPN to access such channels without interruptions.  

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Here are the Aspects of USTVGO

  • By giving users immediate access to all the channels, it does provide a real-time streaming experience. While the show is being shown on TV, you may stream and see the contents.
  • Most of the time, the website wouldn’t have any adverts. Select the channel you wish to stream, and it will start playing right now.
  • You may get a comprehensive two-day schedule for a particular station from USTVGO.
  • The usage of the website is accessible. Even signing up or registering is not required.

The USTVGO Website’s layout

USTVGO legal

The USTVGO website has a clean layout with few icons and buttons. Its color code is black and blue. Only the Header portion seems to be overrun with buttons. There are buttons for Telegram Channel, VPN, FAQs, and several categories.

The list of live TV channels that are accessible follows. You may watch 100 live TV stations here. Despite having a small number of channels, the viewing experience, and video quality are excellent. All 100 live TV stations will supply the video material without any server problems.

Contents Accessible on USTVGO

The list of a few channels that you may stream is as follows. You may discover a comprehensive list of channels organized by category on the official website.

1. ABC

2. AMC

3. BBCAmerica

4. Boomerang

5. CBS

6. Cinemax

7. Cartoon Network


9. CNN

10. Discovery

11. Disney

12. ESPN

13. Food Network

14. Fox

15. Hallmark Channel

16. HBO

17. HGTV

18. Lifetime

19. MTV

20. NBA

21. NFL Network

22. Oxygen

23. Paramount

24. PBS

25. Showtime

26. TBS

27. TLC

28. TNT

29. USA Network

30. WWE Network

31. YSE Network

32. VH1

Here are Some Alternatives for USTVGO You Might Use

The following is a list of the few alternative options that are currently available for the USTVGO

  • 123TV Now
  • OK Live TV
  • UStream
  • Sling TV
  • Direct TV Now

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Wrapping Up

USTVGO is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to watch live TV channels on their mobile device or personal computer. Because the service does not need a subscription and provides users with access to a diverse range of media, it is an excellent choice for those interested in slashing their monthly cable or satellite TV bills.

However, one disadvantage of USTVGO is that to access the channels, you must have an active virtual private network (VPN) connection. Thus, you should look into USTVGO if you seek a hassle-free and cost-free solution to watching live TV.

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