Blocked by Someone on Discord? Here’s check how.

Blocked by Someone on Discord? Ever wondered why are you not able to send messages or requests to a certain user. Keeping closed DM and internet and outage issues aside, it could be you might be blocked by the user.

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Ways to Check if Someone Blocked you or not?

  • Servers won’t be shared anymore.
  • DM’s will disable
  • Sending a friend request
  • Checking their profile section

How to check if you are blocked on Discord

Checking whether you are blocked discord is quite easy. Here are some effective methods to do the same.

1. Sending a Direct Message(DM)

If you have already contacted the person you could try sending them a message. Whenever a user is blocked by another user, on sending a direct message Clyde the official bot of discord shows an error message reporting,

“Your message could not be delivered. This is usually because you don’t share a server with the recipient or the recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends.”


2. Sending a friend request

check if you are blocked on discord

If you don’t feel like adding a friend request, you can also send them a friend request. If you are blocked by the user, you can’t send the user-friend request and discord will show you an error message which will confirm that you are blocked by the user. The message states that Friend Request Failed – Hm, didn’t work. Double-check that the capitalization, spelling, any spaces, and numbers are correct” error message, you can be sure that you got blocked. 

3. Checking the user’s profile section

blocked on discord

You can try checking the user’s profile section. If their bio or if any application they have linked to their Discord profile is not visible to you chances are you might have been blocked by that user. Though this method is not as effective as others because there are chances that the user has just removed their bio or removed app integrity from their profile.

not blocked on discord

4. Using Message Reaction in chat

  • Go to the dm of the person you suspect of blocking
  • Hover on a chat
  • Click on the emoji iconreacting on discord
  • React with any emoji on a message
  • If the reaction appears to be normal then it’s a piece of good news, you aren’t blocked. Otherwise, you are blocked.discord dm to check blocked or not

Frequent Asked Questions

Can someone see my profile pic if he/she is blocked?

Yes, your profile pic will still be visible to the blocked person.

Will my messages be sent after I am unblocked?

No, discord will not send your messages automatically once you are unblocked. You have to manually resend them.

What happens when I am blocked?

When you are blocked by someone on discord you will not be able to send further messages to the person. You also cannot send them friend requests.

Will I get notified whenever I get blocked on Discord?

Due to Discord’s ‘no evidence and no alertness’ policy, you will not be notified whenever you are blocked by someone on Discord.

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Wrapping Up

So by the above-mentioned ways, you can easily check if someone blocked you on discord or not?

If you have any further queries, you can tell us them in the comment section and we will try to answer them. 

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