Installer Perfection: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Error-Free MSI Packages

Creating an MSI installer is very important if you want to ensure your users get to install and then make the most out of your tool. That being said, sometimes you can find situations when you can have MSI packages with errors. And that’s why we made a quick step-by-step guide to help make the MSI Installer creation process as quick and as efficient as possible.

Launch the MSI editor

The first thing you need to do when you create an MSI package is to use the Pace Suite Launcher and here you can access the MSI editor. The tool can be great if you want to access a fast and efficient way of creating an MSI package the right way.

Creating the new MSI package

From this tool, you go to the Menu tab and here you select New MSI. You will have to choose a name and also a location for the page. When you finish that, you just have to press Save and you will be good to go. 

After this step, you must ensure that you import all of your resources into the package. Here you can also see the product information. You can check the user guide on how to edit MSI packages if you want to have more information. After you create the Installer, you just have to save the package, go to the Menu tab and then press Save.

Learning how to add a registry key and value to your MSI installer

Once you finish the MSI installer, you will need to add a registry value and key to it. You can also use the same app for this process. In this case, you have to go to the Package Designer, here you want to choose Registry.

From the Registry window, you want to select New value or New key. If you create a new registry key, you must insert the desired key and also any component, then press Add. 

In case you want to create a new registry value, you can go to the Package Designer/Registry tab from the context menu. Here you select the New value, add in the name and the value itself, and after that you can save it. You can’t start creating value in the registry root directly. That’s not allowed, however you can use this method to ensure that you have the right way to add your installer’s registry entry.


Knowing how to create the right MSI installer is very important, because it ensures that none of your users will encounter any installation errors. Make sure that you use the right guidelines and go through the adequate process, to ensure that the installation process is free of any errors. Also, remember to add a registry key and value to MSI installer, otherwise you can encounter some slight issues. It’s imperative to always ensure that your MSI installer is adequately tested multiple times before sending it to users, just to iron out any possible issues!

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