Guide For Using Split Screen in Discord for Video Calls

So basically the question is How do you divide the screen on Discord? Keep reading till the end to get to know the solution.

Discord is a fantastic gaming chat tool that also allows users to share their videos or display them with up to 9 other people. It’s slowly but steadily evolving into a Skype alternative for gamers.

The concept that you can now change from streaming video to displaying your screen with a single click contributes to this. Stay with us to learn ways you can do it with a small group of individuals.

Getting Your Video to Work

You must first enable your webcam before you may share whatever it is recording. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Go to the user settings page.split discord screen steps
  2. Just on the left corner of the screen, look for the “Voice & Video” tab.
  3. Video Settings can be found at the very bottom of this menu.split discord screen steps
  4. You can use the “Test Video” option to check if the camera is functioning and if you’re appearing prepared and not sweating.
  5. The “Camera” dropdown menu is located below the Test Video button.split discord screen steps
  6. This is where you’ll choose your camera.
  7. Now here you need to note that If you’re using it from your browser, ensure that you permit the camera. As long as you haven’t blocked it from appearing earlier, the notification asking you to allow the camera will show automatically.split discord screen steps

You would have a video setup that is working perfectly. If you don’t already have one, you’ll have to make a team with the folks you’re calling before you can start a video call. Then it’s just a matter of creating video call specifications.

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Splitting Your Screen

It’s time to start streaming now that you’ve made sure your equipment is operating properly.
Begin by sharing. It’s extremely easy to do this:

  • In the Server, choose the Channel you would like to stream to.
  • In the left-hand corner, select ‘Screen.’split discord screen steps
  • So in the pop-up window that displays, select ‘Screens.’
  • This will allows you to share your whole screen ‘.split discord screen steps
  • If you like, you may select to just see one application.
  • Go live by clicking the ‘Go Live’ button.


Your video will display in a small window, allowing you to use the majority of your screen. If you want to multitask without anyone noticing, simply select the option to display just one program on your device.

When you’re using video and display sharing, you can modify the design of your broadcast by clicking the ‘Focus’ icon in the above right-hand corner.

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Activate a Pop-Out Window

Finally, you can separate your stream screen from Discord by clicking the ‘Pop Out’ symbol in the bottom right-hand area.

Discord Split Screen

If you have several monitors, this is ideal since you can play or share with one screen while monitoring your video feed on the other.

Split Screen on Discord

Settings for Video Calls

Following the commencement of a video conversation, you’ll discover several extra options that can improve the chat experience:

By hitting a single button, you may choose whether to transmit your video or your screen, as indicated previously.

  • There are two options at the lower of the screen.
  • First with monitors and a second inside of it, and another with a web
  • If you wish to share your display, you will do by selecting the former.
  • But if you have more than one, you’ll be able to choose which one to share.
  • You can also share the display of an active app if that is your preference.

split discord screen steps

Even if you want to switch from application sharing to screen sharing, Discord has you covered. You can do this by simply clicking on the icon during screen sharing.

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A Few Alternatives

Discord now has even more features to help you get the most out of it. You can also expand the view looking, or in other terms, expand the chat to take up as much space as possible, when on a video conference.

You can tap on a person’s window to focus on their screen or video. This will direct the app’s attention to them, pushing everyone to the side. You can also silence your sound or into settings while on the phone after that. These options can be found on the right side of the “Leave Call” button.

Finally, Discord allows you to browse other chats while on a call by transferring the call to a different window.

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