How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram

Yes, you can remove your mobile number from your Instagram account, though for verification, we must provide a phone number to create an account on Instagram. Instagram gets its user identification via this method. Even though this process is straightforward, it is very doable by anyone.

Nevertheless, you might want to be careful about your Instagram user ID appearing in the contact list if you make an ID with a phone number you probably wouldn’t like.

What happens if I cannot link up my phone number?

If you do not link your phone number with your ID, Instagram may keep sending you notifications now and then.

It is up to you not to link up the number because many users want to keep their Instagram ID closed and hidden. Then, by not adding the number, others can not quickly get information about you.

Some people add their phone numbers while making an Instagram ID by mistake and want to remove their phone number as soon as possible. Do not worry; We will help you out with this.

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Steps to remove your Instagram phone number

You can do this through your app or the web version of Instagram on your PC or a smartphone. For iOS and Android, the procedure is almost identical.

The following sections describe both methods.

If you decide to remove your phone number from your Instagram account, ensure that you turn off Two-Factor Authentication first.

Checking if it is accessible or inaccessible is as follows:

  • To edit your profile, tap the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • You can set up two-factor authentication by going to Settings, Security, and then checking the Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Leave it up if it is not accessible already, and go ahead with the next steps. By tapping on the toggle button, you can turn the setting off.

Is it possible to remove the number?

Definitely, but link your e-mail address to your Instagram account first to not accidentally lose the Instagram account. Here we will tell you the essential steps which you must have to follow.

  • Click the profile icon beneath the bottom-right corner to open your profile in the Instagram app.
  • By editing your profile, you can update your information.
  • You can access your personal information by clicking on Personal Information Settings.

You need to make sure that you have added an e-mail address to your account before removing your number. If your e-mail is not yet linked, enter your e-mail address in the E-mail Address field and confirm it. If you want to get rid of your phone number, this process is needed.

Associated accounts on Instagram must either have their phone number or their e-mail address.

On the Phone number tab, tap the X and remove the phone number from the text field. Press the Next button. It will prevent your number from showing up on your account.

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Will the number remain if it is removed?

In some cases, it might display your phone after you have completed all steps. Using your mobile browser, you can verify whether your number has disappeared or not. Make sure the number has disappeared from your profile after clicking on Edit Profile.

Alternatively, simply clear the text field for Phone Number and tap on Submit. Similarly, you can log in to your account via your PC or computer browser and click the Edit Profile button. Simply remove your number from the form and click on Submit.

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