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As a member of Instagram, you will have access to Sensitive Content, a recently launched feature. People have reacted cautiously to it since, after the upgrade, you can choose posts that appear in your feed according to your preferences, and empathetic content is not displayed directly.

Your choice will ultimately depend on whether you wish to watch this type of content undeviatingly or if you would prefer the permission Before Show option. 

What Was the Launch Date of Instagram’s Sensitive Content Feature?

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A new feature that Instagram introduced on July 20, 2021, will allow users to control the sensitive content shown on the Explore tab.

Sensitive Content Control has now been added to Explore, allowing you to decide how much sensitive content you would like to see.

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Protect Your Instagram Account With Sensitive Content Controls

The Instagram team describes improving the user experience on the platform as a priority. The company had implemented a feature that enabled you to configure your comments to become private or restrict interactions with others so that people would not suffer harm.

As part of their much better platform, Instagram has introduced something they call “sensitive content control,” allowing you to choose how much sensitive content appears on your exploration feed.

Posts that are not necessarily against Instagram’s rules but may upset some people, such as offensive or sexually suggestive posts or posts entirely different from what people with weak hearts would view, might be considered sensitive content.

The new feature provides complete control over sensitive information. If you want to see sensitive material on your explore feed, you can choose how much you want to see.

It is magnificent to have different preferences for what you would like to see, and this new feature allows you to make your own choices.

You can choose from three options right now – Allow, Limit, and Limit Even More. Users default to choosing Limit by default, but you can change this preference at any time. Currently, the feature only appears on the app and is not available on the website.

It applies to both Android & iOS users.

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How to Enable Instagram’s Sensitive Content Control

Step1: Go to your profile in the Instagram app by tapping the settings button.

Step 2: Click the three-line menu icon at the top right corner of your screen and select Account.

Step 3: Below, you can find the content limit on the exploration tab. It is set to ‘limit’ certain sensitive content by default. As an alternative, you can also choose to ‘limit even more’ or ‘allow all’ based on your preference.

How to Disable Sensitive Content Control Filter on Instagram

  • Open Instagram and check out your profile.
  • Simply tap on the horizontal lines.
  • Choose an account from Settings.
  • Choose Sensitive Content Control from the drop-down menu.

Wrapping Up

Instagram Sensitive content filter allows a user to avoid watching content that is marked as sensitive by Instagram Policies for example, adult content. With the above mentioned steps, you can easily enable or disable Sensitive content filter on Instagram.

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