How to Use Hydraulics in GTA 5 – Step by Step Guide

Do you know How to use hydraulics in GTA 5? If not you are missing the cool experience of the car in GTA 5. The providers and founders of the GTA 5 game keep changing in the game, updating the vehicles as well as launching new cars.

Due to this newness and plates continued to be attracted to the game. One of those vehicle “hydraulics” features is added to the (Grand Theft Auto) succession to tailor to a specific type of vehicle.

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Why is the GTA Franchise So Popular?

The franchise of GTA is so well-known because it has added a feature like an open-world inside itself; parts like this players find it impressive. Traveling in the open world, picking one’s favorite cars, and riding wherever you want is the main attraction of this game which has also successfully been popular. 

We introduced you here to the first player in GTA III, a car called hydraulics, and it has been included in every GTA game since then. The specialty of hydraulics makes it the first choice of players.


Control the car with the hydraulics in GTA 3, perform stunts with it, and how high can this car jump. We will tell you all his information here. The players get used to using this car as the performance with the hydraulics will be the same.

For those who are not fully aware of the concept of lowriders and hydraulics in GTA 5, playing with these cars can be a little interesting, i.e., scared, my this car is the best of ours, its performance attracts the players. 

We talk about running this hydraulics car on GTA 5 to make it easy for the new player to understand the car’s performance.

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How Can I Use the Hydraulics Car in GTA 5?


Below is a complete guide to use hydraulics in GTA 5.

Step By Step Guide to Use Hydraulics in GTA 5

  1. Press the X button on your Xbox to make it remote to adjust the height of the car. Quick taps will cause quick little bounces in the vehicle. Press and hold the X button for half a second and then release the vehicle, it will jump as soon as you release the X key.
  2. Press the X button and press the A key to make the car lean left. Leaving them both together will cause the car to jump to the left side.
  3. Press the X button and then press the D key; this will cause the car to move in the direction you want to take. And releasing those two keys at once will cause the right side to jump. 
  4. To bounce the front wheel, you have to press X and press left shift or 8. You have to press (It depends on whether the control includes a number pad). Syncing the two keys together will yield a higher boom.
  5. If the X and LEFT CTRL or Numpad 5 keys have to press together, the rear wheels will jump. Combining and matching these key combinations can make for some cool moves.

How to Use hydraulics in GTA 5 Video Guide

If you have any doubt regarding the steps above, then you can watch this video. It will clear all you doubts.

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In this article, we have told you how you can control a hydraulics car with your remote. All this information will benefit the new players and the players who have not used the hydraulics car yet. We hope you will find all the good and correct written in this article and tell us about it by commenting.

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