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FFXIV New Game Plus – Final Fantasy XIV players have a chance to get excited about the release of patch 5.1. The new features introduced in this patch is the latest Game Plus, which allows you to replay old expansions and experience old story content again. We bring you new ways to start a New Game Plus in FFXIV.

What’s New in Final Fantasy XIV?


Yes, Final Fantasy XIV brings a new edition! What’s called FFXIV: Shadowbringers New Game+ mode and FFXIV New Game Plus, in this latest edition, you can go back and play without starting over with a new character; you will be able to play old extension content again. So, let’s further understand it and tell you how to unlock this new game plus FFXIV. 

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How to Complete Heavensward and Unlock a New+ Version?

So, you are worried about how to complete the new edition of the game! Hold on! If You finished Heavensword’s primary scenario mission, the cornerstone of the extension’s launch story.

After installing patch XIV and launching the game, you start the game with the western Thanalan outside the Waking Sands, and then all you have to do is discuss with a dreamy white beard man. 

After completing the specific mission in the game, you can unlock the additional chapters. It would involve going from Heavensward to Shadowbringers. Currently, the leading landscape has divided into manifold chapters like:



  • Heavensward – Part 1 (Growing to Ishgard – Heart of Ice)
  • Heavensward – Part 2 (The Wyrm’s Lair – Heavensward)
  • Heavensward – Part 3 (An Unpredictable Future – Litany of Peace)
  • Heavensward – Part 4 (Words Kept – The Far Edge of Fate)



  • Stormblood – Part 1 (Behind the Great Wall – All the Little Angels)
  • Part 2 of Stormblood (Hereabouts There Be Xaela – Stormblood)
  • Part 3 of Stormblood (Arenvald’s Experience – Envoy of the Dawn)
  • Stormblood – Part 4 (Sisterly Act – A Mass for Heroes)



  • Shadowbringers – Part 1 (The Syrcus Trench – Outside of the Wood)
  • Shadowbringers – Part 2 (When It Sprinkles – Shadowbringers)

What Is New and Changed in This?


Parts 1 and 2, however, contain the expansion’s central scenario, and Parts 3 and 4 include a follow-up to the main scenario quests found in subsequent patches.

The new Game+ has some limitations in the current scenario, according to which the original design of Rebirth of a Realm can’t be reviewed.

Shortly, patches will update from the ground up, and no class jobs and part quests are accessible. A New Age Chronicles are off the scene, and side missions are also not involved. According to the patch notes, this perhaps adds to the next update.

New Game+ is very easy to access! Once you’ve unlocked it, please open the Duty menu and then choose New Game+; that’s it. All replayable chapters you’ve unlocked will clarify in the menu. And if you want, you can leap into them from anywhere but a representative of duty. If you repeat this, you can even discontinue New Game+ and enable you to return to the main game. Also According to the official site of Final Fantasy, you can get a free trial of the game as well

Does It Have Restrictions?


Yes, some restrictions have been imposed while playing this game; you are not thoroughly enjoying the ride. Here are some conditions:

  • You can only register for incomplete tasks if it is new games+. It has connected to persistent scrutiny.
  • If you live in line for systematic duties, your progress will halt where you left off,
  • No negotiations with retainers or market panels
  • And the extensive voyage can’t be accessed by you,

It is how you unlock the New Game+ in Final Fantasy XIV. Now you can constantly go behind a bit to enjoy the most.

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Final Verdict

New Game+ is the only way to go back and enjoy what you enjoyed back in time. It is good that most people have accepted the new feature and why not. After all, Memories are such beautiful little things. We hope you like our post. To read such valuable posts, you have been most welcomed by us. Till then, enjoy your game!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why New Game Plus Is There in FFXIV?

After the new update, FFXIV introduced a new patch in 5.1 version. In this New Game Plus, you will get additional features and levels. But as you know it will unlocked after completing level 60.

What is the benefit of New Game Plus in FFXIV?

New Game Plus is a game mode in FFXIV, in this, you will able to select the chapters you wish to play. This feature is for the player who want to explore old aspects of the story.

How to enable New Game Plus in FFXIV?

To enable it, go to the duty menu and select New Game+. But you have to complete the game upto 60th level. Then only you will be able to access this feature.

How to Replay FFXIV story?

Yes, you can replay all the quests you had played by unlocking the New Game Plus feature. We had mentioned above that how you can enable New Game plus feature in FFXIV.

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